1. One day I took my kids to the park and they had these two men and one woman smoking weed around their kids. I was so pissed off when I saw what was going on. Where's BLM on people smoking weed around their kids?

  2. To me I think its full use is inna a 🍵 ,the best I think G2G,I'm still in use of it but I'm looking at age wise,or my family i think of not wanna leave them,but what do you think it's here on earth for

  3. Before you judge anybody, i bet we all still consume flesh and eat blood(chicken).. Book of jubilees explains it better… How can we stand on the whole word when we dont have the whole word… Be blessed💪…

  4. I believe his heart is in the right place. But at the same time Brother Brett is taking pieces to nibble off of from scripture. You gotta be in feet first or not at all bro. No double mindedness. God is working on me removing weed from my life as well so I can see the direction he is coming from.

  5. Amen and May God bless you @Chosen, Breanna, Ms Righteous Daughter, Chris and Brett. I pray Brett will be delivered from weed because it’s not good no matter how you justify it.

  6. When people smoke weed but can’t get high anymore, they will go to other things for that high. And if it’s suppose to be good now, why back then it was bad? The government made it legal to keep others from being sober while seeing the truth. This stuff is tampered with legal or not, it’s not healthy for the mind, body and spirit.

  7. He kept saying epileptic medicine and I kept thinking he isn't ill is he? What's his sickness; how can we tell others the truth when we lie to ourselves this way. Excuses won't save a soul. We need to be under the influence of the Holy Spirit; do not let the devil tempt with temporarily pleasures and leaving us dependant on things that satisfy our flesh. As a person who use to indulge; nothing heals like Jesus! Everything has side effects and none of the man made substances can transform you; you can't see the Lord with your eyes wide shut. Stay sober and vigilant! P.S. The Lord is moving in everyone's lives, the growth may be slower for others but let's not get weary and conform.

  8. I use to see faces, evil faces when I use to smoke weed. I use to look real horrible when I would get high. I no longer smoke weed but I still smoke cigarettes.🤦🏾‍♂️ I need help with it real bad! I'm praying to the lord for help and if you all can say a prayer for me to quit the cigarettes, I'd gladly appreciate it! Blessings to you all!

  9. i will respectfully say yes it is of the LORD..if its was not why do cannabis have properties the body need…its about moderation buddy…JESUS also said i sip wine they call me a drunk…saying its o.k to sip wine but not strong drink…its o.k to smoke weed but only in moderation the problem is 'heavy' indulge' now you making GOD bless a curse..you being greedy.greed is a sin. like JESUS sip wine…he didnt drink wine…he sip wine he didnt drink to get drunk but to be in good spirit… if you bad spirit you smoke weed its bad…if you good spirit smoke weed you can connect with the most high. also to add our brains have cannabis receptors…again if GOD didnt mean us to comsume weed why do we have receptors for it? and when you get high as a kite you abusing weed…when you drink wine to get drunk now you in sin. drinking wine is not a sin but you make it when you abuse it. smoking in rotation is like a group thing you smoke when you can not more… you dont need much..one two hits that it…6 or 9 hits too much. and cannabis can be look at when moses was in the tent of smoke. please research with an open heart…weed not mean get drunk. if you had bad experince from it..maybe look at what kinda you was smoking how much maybe your spirit wasnt in good…and yes you can connect with bad spirits as well if you let them…. i connect with GOD many times…try it another way…to me seem like you closed minded…if you child of GOD..say to open im i right?

  10. You know; the flesh! We want to do what we want to do. I feel like i do to get closer to the Lord! But, it's not working! Chosen right! It brings closer to sin! And my reason….my anger let me know! Again Chosen Lord Bless! Official all you need is a whistle!

  11. I use to be just like the gentleman in video, but God delivered me overnight for years and when I returned to my vomit; nothing but confusion and calamity came with it, just like God said and That’s why I know Weed is not of God! And people of God stop saying “ oh God created it” Yes he did But he also Created Lucifer, so what you saying…. He said BE HOLY BECAUSE HE IS HOLY, what’s Holy about getting wasted? I’ll wait…G2G🙏

  12. Matthew 21:31 says that the Prostitute will enter the kingdom before the ones who THOUGHT they did the will of the Father…. shoot most Prostitutes smoke weed and a whole lot more… it's just some of the debates are really stressful 😪. Makes me feel like no matter what I'm going to Hell. And I don't smoke weed anymore. But there's a WHOLE lot allll of us need deliverance from and weed is the LEAST of them.

  13. It's Sooooo many things that we ain't supposed to do or we're trying to stop doing NONE of US are completely delivered from anything…. Physically, emotionally and mentally! It makes me feel like my brain is going to EXPLODE! some of ya'll sound like you're TOTALLY delivered from everything! 😪 I'm totally crying right now! I feel like I'm going to HELL. Reading the Replay! Blessings.

  14. They're poisoning our food, water and water, and air Covid!.. let's just Stay prayed up… pray for our FOOD, AIR, WATER EVERYTHING!.. it's ALLL sooo much it makes my brain hurt!😔🤯🤎

  15. There are Medical benefits to every plant and veggie the Lord made. The Evil ones took it and flipped it for evil… don't have to agree, I don't smoke but I know for sure there are Medical benefits too every plant and veggie the Lord made… love ya'll 💓.!

  16. I heard voices one time when I smoked weed, it's like spirits were talking about me and it sounded like the voices were coming out of the people I was around. Now I don't smoke weed nor hang with those people. God is Good.

  17. Keep on pushing on Chosen! We are dealing with a lot of things that are not of the Lord… and thank God for our deliverance from anything that he doesn't want for us… But QUESTION does the original plant have healing mechanisms without adding the evil world chemicals? I know for sure that plants he's created has healing benefits. Anyway I love ya'll G2G Family… like the Vegetables without any evil chemicals and GMO… but I agree with you Chosen!… praises to the Lord!..

  18. If God put people here, some of those people who love God are undoubtedly nurses and doctor's. Is their work/research that has helped and given hope to others in vain because you don't believe in science?
    Same with math. There are amazing occurences in nature that follow certain patterns that, for some, can only fully be appreciated with math. With as random as math can be, that can give them hope that it's not just a coincidence these thing's are here.
    Just like God put those people here, a plant was put here that has many uses before it ever becomes a package to sale. The entirety of the plant is not to get high. If we are into natural herbs and healing, how are we not seeing oils from this plant, when used correctly, actually do stop seizures? Food was put here and is tainted, yet we eat what we can in faith. The word was put here and was tainted with malicious intent by hands of men, yet we live in faith on that bread also.

    Smoking can relax your body, leading to a clear mind that allows people to focus. We have to understand it's the focused breathing in and out that's creating the focus, not the weed itself. That's where they see it as going to a higher conscience, but God is giving you that increase.

    Now look at farming. Take the farmers out, put in their own regime to control the food (after learning how to farm from natives). Disproportionately put away brothas for weed, put their regime (today). Take out bartering and insert your dollar system (which the love of is the root of all evil). Take out all the prophets, put in their regime. It's nothing new under the sun.

    Learn moderation. If we thanking God in all things, nothing but God can be our God.

  19. Very interesting and controversial topic in general but especially in religion, Christianity, or any spiritual aspect. Many people think they "need it ", they incorporate it into their spiritual practices or use it to get closer to God. I know because I used to be one of those people. But the truth is nobody needs to partake in the use of cannabis. I certainly don't judge anybody who believes that. it's not my place to do so and I would be a hypocrite but Jesus really is the true healer. I understand what Brett was saying in terms of the medicinal aspects and that may be true to a certain extent but its not about the psychoactive components that get you "high" or alter your perception, that's wrong according to God's word. However, I do understand the extraction of the particular cannabinoid "CBD" Which is non psychoactive can be beneficial for certain medical conditions such as epilepsy which induces seizures. It is a much safer alternative as opposed to pharmaceutical drugs. Yet, I feel like that wasn't the true point in this discussion on the live and may have been used as an excuse to use cannabis for the psychoactive aspects that alter your consciousness which does go against what God says, period. Much love and Gods blessings to Chosen, Brett, Chris , Righteous daughter, and Breanna and the whole G2G family. Love you all.

  20. Exodus 3:5
    Then He said, “Do not draw near this place. Take your sandals off your feet, for the place where you stand is holy ground.”

    If the place he was standing on is holy, why would He make it a high place (no pun intended).

  21. I be gone on weed but choosen is right you not suppose to smoke weed if you are a true man of God plus smoking 🚬 is bad for your body that’s why God those not except smoking plus you have to be sober minded God said that in the Bible

  22. Lately I got the urge to smoke again. It did make me more creative in the short term, but overall it was a net negative. I dont think going after any substance for happiness is going to work long term. I found myself more anxious overall after all was said and done. I'm not some anti-weed dude, but I've never found any true positive benefits from it. My best high is when I'm in a good place with God and I fast. WAY better than any high.

  23. Good topic I'm struggling smoking weed. Weed do have you lazy and prevent you to accomplish of your dreams. I've been smoking weed for years. The other day I said I need to stop smoking because I get tired of smoking. To hear others was delivered I know God will deliver me from smoking weed.

  24. @Chosen King! This is so important! People use Genesis 1:29 all the time as a justification and that was about FOOD. Not getting high on a hallucinogenic substance which is basically BURNING INCENSE IN YOUR TEMPLE which is an ABOMINATION unto God. God Bless you brother, I smoked for 23 years! It is NOT THE SAME as it was. The witchcraft on it is very serious. It was bad before! Now it’s next level though. I understand people using it for seizures, I still think they should try deliverance and healing FIRST though! Moses smoking weed!?? Cmon…he FASTED.. denying the flesh is the opposite of burning that sour diesel.

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