Pruning & Flowering An Overwintered Cannabis Plant (Part 3): Cannabasics #126

(21+ Educational Purposes only) Join Me In Pruning & Flowering An Overwintered Cannabis Plant Today On Cannabasics Episode #126. Check out …


  1. Wow man…you need to watch some real channels…..guys second check any info in these videos……NEEM CANT BE SMOKED, never spray it on plants in flower….good lord…..

  2. First of all… u NEVER trim, spray or pot while in flowering stage. actually neem oil will poison u cuz the time to completely dismantle the stuff ain't enough for ur plant, so ur buds will have OIL left on them. What happens if u inhale the vapor of burnt or vaporized oil, was clear to witness for the whole world, when young people did from vape pens. YOU ARE A HARM FOR YOUR FOLLOWERS. not only that you guys ripped up ppl last year (google +) 😏… both of u have no clue what growing a helthy and tasty cannabis plant looks like. Education is health. Someday there will be a lawsuit against u, cuz somebody got seriously harmed while doing what you told him to do. Remember…. It's AMERICA… The land where u get money for microwaving ur pets and going to court afterwards.

  3. Your creds just dropped my friend. One should never use insecticides during bloom. Let alone neem oil shhhs. We bitch at commercial bud for the same reason!

  4. Lets address whats done wrong here, for educational purpose. spraying while in flower.. uh bro? i get that its nice and hot outside but thats silly. promotes mold and other junk.
    Neem oil while theres still light / sun = you run the risk of burning your plant.
    poor plant lookin hella sad. Will we get seeds in this smoke? cast ur vote! im voting 75% chance seeds.

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