Preparing to Dry Marijuana – Big Bud Northern Lights Clone

Ideal drying conditions for marijuana is darkness, 65-70F, and 70 percent humidity. Under these condition most typical (read homegrown) size buds should dry …


  1. Thanx for the episode .I hope the wine thing works for you. I've been cutting and trimming for a couple days. Lots work..I'm woried about humidity for drying ….we got a crap ton of rain last night so I cut some I was gna leave for a couple more days but it's probly perfect I just don't Wana cut to early. Lead I'm relaxed nobody can get to it anymore…have a great day 👍🤙🥓🇺🇸

  2. Awesome little update as I'm lying down for sleep haha! about 4-6 hours more work, so 1 or 2 days and ill be sending you a gigantic portfolio of design options haha! got to get up in a few hours and mow and whipper snip 2 gigantic apartment complexes, amongst other things! Have a great day Doc! Talk soon! Much love <3

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