Pests, IPM and Other Musings

Tonight (Sunday) at 6pm pacific, 9pm eastern, a conversation on IPM, Molecular Pathology, Tissue Culture, HpLVd, Greenhouses and more, with Ivan Ruiz, …


  1. Hey can I be on Your show to promote Our seed bank, organic growing, and racial unity. I could tell a couple two funny herb stories, and do some DANCIN ! to some Ganja tunes……Yeah some Ganja tunes !

  2. Hey ! that reminds Me, I have My new Seed Bank web site up I'm building it so it's kinda rough, but I;m working on it. I need a good camera but I'm paying back electric bills for My seed research facilities{ One Old fixer upper house ] Also check out My Youtube channel Grow 4 Survival. Thanks for all of Your works. Respect…….Joshua Seven Thunders/////// also known as Ivan Quin ,and some other stuff…….

  3. If we grew from seeds more there would be less pathogens. And developing Your own strain, with Your unique personalities manifested through the herb is a is a way to create something new, and better than what We had before. It's the artistic part of growing.

  4. Latent hops virus usually only shows up on clones that have been ran successive crops for a long time, and not plants from seed. Starting with fresh steaming hot super organic soil , fresh seeds, and a clean growing environment is the way to go. Outdoors seedlings have a big tap root that can penetrate soils better , and mine deeper for nutrients, and water than clones. Outdoor plants from seed are the most beautiful plants, and biggest. I plant in 7 ' deep holes filled with native soil, very sandy, mixed with my organic super soil full of worm castings, organic fertilizer meals, and guanos. See…….

  5. Woow those talks are making me feel im part of this big cannabis community worldwide while i still grow illegally for my own and friends medical needs…. i like the vibe of the cannabis culture so much.. .cannabis is such a rewarding plant in every aspect of my life… woah… <3 love you all keep growing btw fighting spider mites had a dry september … but hey no problem

  6. 10:10 in a disease is mentioned. Something pembletritus? I would love to help edit in my free time for end reviews or anything. I am constantly taking notes of every episode and sometimes the names are glossed over

  7. a good breeder will stress plants to test for virul issues..also hops and cannabis are related so afids cross over yes .also vorus builds plant immune systems so

  8. It was endearing to hear more Integrated Pest Management Specialists talk about Cannabis pests on the FCP other than myself. For those who are interested in learning more about the ecology, evolution, and pest-host relationships of Cannabis, check out my Global IPM Review 2019 series on channel Zenthanol which delves into the evolution of not only Cannabis, but the various mites, insects, bacteria, fungi, and viruses that evolved with plants in general and Cannabis in particular, even the recently documented beneficial microbes are included!

  9. Great again thx mate. Biological control is a must along with pure organic substrates. Build the microbes. Spray plants with bacillus subtillus or compost tea when flipping so botrytis cant compete

  10. How many of these plant specific diseases are spread by pests with no species preference, harbored inside asymptomatic host plants, and then transfered back into the specific host where it can express its parasitic/reproductive phase? Then, is it the plant specific pests that are transferring it from the freshly sickened individual back into the rest of the specific crop. Replace specific plant with cannabis for the sake of our conversation.

  11. Peter, you need to send out some lapel microphones. Quite a few people don’t know how to project their voice like you or I do. Because of how loud I have my speakers when you chime in ITS LIKE IM BEING YELLED AT IN A CALM VOICE. My new dog gets alerted by your voice and starts sounding the alarm.

  12. HpLVD seems like mutation to me, degradation of the genetics. I like hearing these guys talk about it, but really I think we are just putting a label on something we dont know how to control.

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