Outdoor at 420 things July 13- 20 Medical Cannabis in the cheap shelter logic greenhouse (VEG)

cannabis #outdoorcannabis #greenhouse Ladies are starting to fill in nicely, the mainlining is doing ok outside in the greenhouse Thanks to …


  1. thanks for the vid. I had 2 plants that i started growing and they were growing beautiful on flowering BUT then i noticed some white powdery mildew. this is where i mess things up. I sprayed some baking soda mixed with water and veg oil the next day my buds turned brown and the leaves were burnt. I tried spraying it at night not in the morning. Now the plants ook like crap 🙁 I'm hoping they recover but in the fuuture should i just leave it is it not a big deal and maybe after harvest i can soak in hydroperoxide please can i get some advise on this

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