Our Trip To Rocket City 🚀 (Huntsville, Alabama): What We Ate, Space Center + A Special Guest!

Check out the blog post for more info, links + photos: After nearly nine months of no travel, we decided to take a quick road trip to …


  1. Well y'all would have been recognized in Publix, had I stopped in there that day! LOL. Super cool though that you were literally right down the road from me and you went to the Far East Market, my favorite one in town! 🙂

  2. I grew up in Huntsville! Worked at Space Camp through the late 80's, and met my husband there. And I go to that Asian market all the time! I live in the Chattanooga area now (speaking of Tennessee, and somewhere else you should visit! lol) but I make it a point to visit that market when I'm back in Huntsville visiting my family. I think I would have passed out if I'd seen you guys in there the same day as me. XD

  3. He is a legend in my book same reason. I saw Penn and wondered how he lost the weight . I got his book and found out about Ray. I was skeptical as i have followed many books. I lost 3 pounds a day for a week then i tried to stray but went back on the potatoes. Total weight loss was 40 pounds . I even shared it with my nurse at the doctors office. People just couldn't believe this was the reason i lost weight. Never having potatoes again. Thank you Ray from the bottom of my heart and soul.

  4. I live a bit outside of Huntsville, it was a fun video to watch. I go to that Asian store. I want to know what you learned about there from Ray. I’d love to learn to incorporate more stuff from there. What the heck do you do with dried sweet potato stems?!

  5. Haha the song playing when you were going to Lynchburg is the theme song for demolition ranch and off the ranch. I thought I was on the wrong channel for a second! Great trip thanks for sharing!

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