1. "You should be thinking about Climate Change, jobs, more peace..". Approves Shell oil drilling in the arctic twice and allows the Flint water poisoning to go unpunished: There's his climate change. Jobs outsourced through out his presidency and advocated for NFTA and TPP: There's his jobs program. Bombed 7 countries, reduced 4 to rubble and started a refugee crisis: There's his peace.

  2. Only thing Obama did reason why he did the marijuana bill has because his daughter was caught up in federal crimes and there was only one way to justify why he would pardon his own daughter as to make it legal we know it's mind-warping you can drive on you can't ride the skateboard you can't walk down the street you can't do anything if you are cut out of place and high you will be arrested and it's no longer a ticket you cannot share your medicines if you have children in the home you cannot smoke it in the room or anyone else in the room can smell the second hand smoke it's a violation of the governmental law which follows to the state law which has to follow the government law want to check out Canada and they'll explain the actual off for you

  3. There is zero comparison needed between Cannabis & Heroin, crack & meth etc..
    those have ZERO medical benefits in such forms. Cannabis is saving the world one patient at a time & can replace all need for deforestation, sub surface fuel extraction & almost every other product that is made from devouring the earth finite resources.

    All that needs to happen is to change the conversation & never look back.

  4. Glad to be living in Canada! Soon enough I’ll be able to purchase Pot legally. I must say that as of years ago it was not against the law to have possession of an Oz of pot as long as it was in one baggy. If it was separated up into smaller bags, that would be considered for sale instead of personal use.

  5. I don't want to hear a damn thing that he has to say because he could have did something about that marijuana drug problem and he lied to the people and he did nothing because us more problems than we already have with his Obamacare crap

  6. the root of the problem is slavery, we are all enslaved to our own ignorance. we're taught fairy tales in school in the guise of fact. starting with the concept of conception (pun unintended) who here is dumb enough to believe that only one sperm cell makes it into the ovum and only 1 little sperm cell gets to survive? same idiots who believe only 144,000 people are going to be saved by Jesus.

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