1. I'm a highschool student that just so happens to be a stoner, this video is straight bullshit. Especially with the kid who was "aggressive" clearly there were other issues than weed. The schoolwork argument is also bullshit because I get decent grades

  2. Lmao that mothers kid was definitly on some crack or meth, I've smoked sooo much weed and know soooo many pot heads and I've never seen someone who smokes weed go crazy and shit because of weed

  3. Britain was the biggest imperial culture in world history subjugating entire countries under their royal navy, colonising and destroying native cultures….they had damn bloody well have the best skunk weed ever, after all that effort

  4. That mother has no clue…Her son was prob a fuckin crack head or something…

    Buggin out like that SOLELY from weed…GTFO with that shit. Go read the Harvard study on cannabis and schizophrenia…

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