1. Hello guys, I got available very strong and potent medical marijuana strains
    both organic and hydros like the girl scout cookies, purple kush, blue dream,
    sour diesel,pineapple express,banana kush etc..If u got interest just text:(408)
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  2. was-sup fellas, I bring to the table some of the best and top grade strains of medical marijuana like Blueberry yum yum,Blue god (for Cancerous patients),Blue dream etc.. as well as some very potent Pain,sex,diet,and anxiety pills. If u got interest, just text (408) 484-7128.I also got LSD available and at very affordable prices with Fast delivery.Discrete packaging,Express delivery available with UPS,FedEX,EMS.Track numbers and references available.

  3. well here in SoCal, prices are based on individual batches, not the strain itself. ive seen really bomb blue dream, and ive seen really shitty blue dream. depends on the genetics and the grower.

  4. The only way to grow is your own way with trial and error. Fuck what people say. Go by your own experience! There will always be people giving theor two cents but there is a lot of preference when it comes to doing things.

  5. @saebeas if you sensative to THC, i wouldnt recommend edibles unless you know they are lightly dosed. although thc is very good for the body (search cancer marijuana study) when ingested, its quite a strong "high" for beginners. slowly build up your tolerance, smoke a little at one time. and search google for indica strains marijuana. good luck

  6. @saebeas this would happen to my step bro when he was real young. but he kinda kept smoking and it went away. i think you may have anxiety possibly and as i tell people here, indicas are the way to go for medicinal use.

  7. I tried smoking weed a few times and it made me turn green, unable to move, almost stop breathing, I prayed for sweet death. Did I smoke too much or do it wrong? I have disc herniations in my lower back and neck and I am out of options, my life is ruled by pain and aside from opioids, marijuana is my last hope. I just wish I knew more about it because the experience I had with it before was very nightmarish.

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