Massive Hemp EMPIRE Accused of Illegal Cannabis Grow by Navajo Farmers in New Mexico

Massive Chinese Hemp EMPIRE Accused of Illegal Cannabis Grow by Navajo Farmers in New Mexico • Let’s Talk Cannabis LMC… Subscribe To The Let’s Talk …


  1. Hey Brother…..My home was raided for Marijuana, in Chambersburg, PA. , August 24, 2020…..
    Im all but 50yrs old. I have been self-medicating for past 32yrs. I lost my job due to covid in March, 2020. I cant afford medical. I'm forced to purchase Black Market, which can have lots of undesirable and harmful affects. Without employment, I cant afford Black Market.
    I had a BRILLIANT idea, to learn Hydroponics, to grow viney-vegetables and the idea of possible Hemp and Cannabis, in my shed. I beleive it to be a well worth investment, to learn an increasingly legal trade and become Self Sufficient….a 4×4 grow tent….NOTHING BUT PERSONAL MEDICINE…….I had 2 plants in their final weeks of Bloom and I had , supposedly 22 in propagation, males and weak clones for a total count of 24…..22 of which, DID NOT CONTAIN, greater than 0.30% THC…or even 0.03%, for that matter….
    I am an advocate for both medical and recreational Marijuana….as well as I beleive EVERYONE deserves the right to grow there own garden and be self Sufficient for production of food, as well as medicine.
    Hydroponics is NOTHING short of easy. I spent countless, hard laborious hours, designing, building, equipping and mastering the craft of growing Extreme and Exotic Super Gas, Artisan Strains….as it is a true art form unlike any other….
    I need help, as im facing 15-30yrs, simply because I have a past….that past ended in 2007…..its 2020….this is not what i had anticipated for my future at 50…..
    I can understand raided a large Black Market, for profit operation, but knocking down doors on families for smoking pot and a secret garden no one was even aware of , but because of happenstance, its just my luck.
    I need the BEST criminal Marijuana attorney there is in the state. If there even is one that is knowledgeable about growing the plant. But laws need changed. I beleive i have nothing to loose. Ill be the face. I csn be a million voices. I have opportunities to be heard and advocate for reform. Marijuana, SHOULD NOT BE A PROBABLE CAUSE REASON TO BUST DOORS DOWN AND DEVASTATE FAMILIES……IT HAS TO STOP. For anyone who can help or referrals.

  2. There's no surprise there. It was just a matter of time before this was brought to light. They control the Panama Canal ( I miss that old school panama red), their all throughout south america and I saw a video about 2-3 months ago that those F'ers have been running a tunnel under the ocean from China to s. america so they can flood the country with troops and arms. But to mess with a man's smoke…that's just evil ! 😵 😤💨✌

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