Mars FC3000 ORGANIC One Plant M&C Grow, Week 2 Flower

Trying to figure out the right amount to feed on my first all-organic grow, seems to be going well by just reading the plant! Total is about about 36 tbsp of the …


  1. popcorn and mung bean sprouts teas will take it to a new level…look into it… Mendo Dope has a video with Minnesota Nice on their channel about it

  2. She's lookin HUUUUGEEE! Urban remo voice lol
    But hell yeah organics is looking like the way to go considering the cost for nutrients ! The compost tea is a great idea and ill def copy it when i do my organic run! i love the idea of the natural compost with the egg shells & thanks for the nematode tip! Fuck fungus nats lol

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