1. To all the anti-cannabis "Christians" out there–"The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth and he that is wise shall not reject them"–Ecclesiastes 38:4–CANNABIS OIL CURES CANCER!! Every unbiased research study (done outside the US) confirms that cannabis oil not only treats the symptons and alleviates pain, IT CURES CANCER!!–Spread the word–THERE IS A CURE FOR CANCER!!!

  2. @34lespaul Many health benefits and anti-cancer properties are already known and of course suppressed. You must watch these vids….

    /watch?v=e_JLKG-PBXU – more news clips and various vids!
    /watch?v=CiP9LVtE9EY – Amazing documentary!
    /watch?v=qa0nLdVJiIg – Juicing weed!
    /watch?v=hhDTAqVIpfk – Does not kill brain cells! duh!

    …and don't forget to vote for Ron Paul! Let's turn this country upside down, get rid of the bastards that are running this place into the ground. Enjoy!

  3. @chrychek Currently, the medical establishment doesn't care whether or not cannabis is legal. They just want to make as much money from it as possible. In the past, it competed with timber, cotton, and other budding industries (no pun intended), so government made up a story to justify illegality. If they could make it "legal" such that they could monopolize the market, they would gladly manipulate public opinion to be pro-cannabis. It will happen, it's just whether or not you will be free.

  4. @34lespaul Oh it is all true, I know Rick Simpson personally and I have seen this work. It is no joke. The joke is being played on us by the medical establishment and the government.

  5. @chrychek Thanks for the advice. Been thinking a lot about getting my own card anyway. Lots of good, positive feedback from this video. If even half the info is true, it's so worth looking in to. Peace.

  6. @34lespaul I am under the impression from a friend who isn't even an American citizen who was living in California that you can pay a doctor a fee to fill out the card application. Try that.

  7. @sk8forlifebitch I have certainly met some of these people and I agree, if you've heard and don't believe it… you have something to lose from knowing it…. $

  8. @sk8forlifebitch In fairness to some, this still is not mainstream in most areas and a lot of people work very hard to suppress this information, and the great majority of them are not likely aware of the lies that they are spreading to curb marijuana use. They are BS-in BS-out kind of people, and I have no respect for that whatsoever. I applaud anyone with the brains to research what they don't understand rather than to reject it without a fair look. This is too important to humanity for that.

  9. @34lespaul I believe that they do, but I would be cautious buying it from a dispensary… and here are my reasons. Until we released this information on the web in 2008, virtually no one made medicinal hemp oil; it was all smokable oil, which is not the same. If you are buying high quality hemp oil from a dispensary I would be wary of the price and of how it was made, but otherwise make it outside. Skin cancers are easiest to treat, you just simply out the oil on and keep in place with a bandage

  10. The powers at be knows this and have known since the 70's. They just won't allow it though. They don't care who an benefit from it. They need the money because underground the CIA is said to make a fortune on drug money. It's an integral part of their global domination. Drug money is huge. They absolutely need that money to finance all the other behind the scenes agenda of the American Government.

    Money is the root of all evil.

  11. @chrychek Yes I had watched it about six months ago, then watched it again last night. Great job getting this info out to the masses. My dad has basil cell carcinoma and it's getting pretty bad. Would you know if dispensaries sell the oil? I Iive in so. Cal but I do not have a MM Card. I'm not sure I have the means to distill the oil myself, so maybe the dispensaries provide. Thanks for all your help.

  12. @Robstailey Contact Dr.Robert Melamede, Colorado University, Colorado Springs – Biology Department. Every time Rick tried to have anything documented the police took everything and refused to return it; videos of cancer being cured, ulcers being healed back to normal… all stolen. Eventually no records were kept due to the raids and it only seemed to put people at risk of being put on a watch list for the RCMP. I have to respect confidentiality when I speak with people, but Melamede is the guy!

  13. @chrychek

    crychek is there any documented cases of hemp oil curing THC? i am very interested in the subject but would like to see more of the science and proven results.

  14. It's the miracle drug of the century. and they make sure they POUND it into sheeples heads how bad it is for you..THINK FOR YOURSELF PEOPLE if people would read, research.do not. allow the gov. tell you how to think
    Miracle PLANT, that would save our world, but why would they want to absorb Co2 carbons, and save our rain forests, build houses, and make textiles creating jobs, and Farming, it's also used for FUEL. YES FUEL. oh its okay, we will support big oil, and ruining our earth!! for profit!

  15. @34lespaul Have you seen RUN FROM THE CURE? This dates back to 2003, and the media has been slow to pick it up, probably due to advertising from pharma. They are not going to allow this one out. Click on my name below to see the movie. I made it for free with Rick Simpson.

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