1. How can a plant that has given so much to a species in the way of medicine , seed (food) , fiber and oil be treated so badly . We so easily forget and are swayed by the next fear based politics that we forget what’s really sustained us over the long term and boy we’re paying for it now . Get out of your agreement groups people and starting thinking about the purpose for what we are doing and drill down on it and ask yourself is this real or really just the next social fad as power , money ,and greed ever shifts .

  2. I don't know the hypocrisy of these society saying for upliftment of farmers and cutting all the plants of marijuana . according to ayurveda weed marijuana are the best medicine of anxiety depression

  3. Wtf you destroying organic plant it's not a drug man if you do this in Himachal they will fuck you like hell no one will help u do u get that it's a prasad for us by Lord Shiva

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