1. Thyroid regulates the whole body ,man that might be the whole people’s .The whole system can be out of wack.
    You can correct this with medication it’s simple,I am surprised this was not caught with blood tests ,my wife is very aware and cautious with her thyroid.She had hers taken out years ago …yes Erin check it out ,stay safe praying for you ..and best to you boyfriend ,just be nice to her man.please……ERIN RETRACTION MY WIFE DID NOT GET THE THYROID TAKEN OUT ,SHE HAD THE RAPID HEART BEATS ,THE EDGINESS,

  2. Cannabis can be very tricky. There's so many variables, the type such as sativa, indica, and hybrid, then the terpene profile, then the amounts of THC/CBD, then also the consumption method such as smoking, oil, or edibles. Another thing I heard Joe Rogan mention which is so true is that it's not just what a psychedelic brings to you but also what you bring to the psychedelic, and also your setting/environment. The state of mind you have prior and the physical environment you're in make a huge difference I find.

    For me smoking regular weed with THC seems to actually induce anxiety in me, almost regardless of the amount however I still smoke it for other effects. If I want to actually eliminate anxiety then I either need to go with a full CBD strain and smoke that, or take a "micro dose" oil capsule / edible with very low amounts of THC/CBD. The amounts are low enough that you don't really feel high but enough that it will relax you and put your anxiety at bay. I love smoking weed but I find myself needing to take regular breaks otherwise daily use will make my anxiety worse over time. I also find that taking melatonin, 1mg being plenty, will make my dreams come back very strongly.

    One other thing I wanted to mention Erin, is an Omega-3 supplement. I'm not sure if this is something you've looked into already but I recently started taking an Omega-3 supplement along with Vitamin D3 daily and it has made a HUGE difference in my overall mental health. The one I'm taking is 750mg EPA and 500mg DHA per serving (4 capsules), and I take one dose in the morning and one later in the day so I'm getting 1500mg EPA and 1000mg DHA overall. The Vitamin D3 is 1000IU, 3000 in the morning, 2000 later in the day.

    Sardines are a natural source of fatty acids like EPA and DHA and others too like Omega 7 fats so I always try to eat 1-2 cans of sardines each day as well. A can of sardines will usually have about 400mg EPA and DHA give or take a little.

    I hope something in this comment has been helpful! Keep on keeping on! 👍🏻

  3. Hi Erin hope you get better soon. I ditched depression tablets as they made me feel like having hangover the next day but I do sometimes take propranolol for anxiety and higher heart rate and it seems propranolol has fixed me without any side effects like hangover feeling or headaches, also what I found out that propranolol is good at work I have taken it and carried bags of cement and heavy stuff up the stairs and my heart rate and breathing didn't even jump up as normaly it should from hard work.

  4. I noticed over 30 year's ago while dating my wife her heart was always pounding . Super fast . She was given radio active iodine . It cured the problem . She has to take a medicine called synthroid . To regulate here hormones . It worked great . Now we have been happily married for 30 years at 54 years old . The biggest side affect is you may become infertile . But we did not want kids . So it was the right treatment for my wife . Wishing you the best 👍 .

  5. Literally just had my thyroid checked a couple of weeks ago b/c I had half removed to cancer 20 years ago now and the other half is still chuggin along. It was normal and I was kinda pissed b/c I was hoping some of my anxiety, depression and heart palpitations were due to it. Nope. I'm still just a regular ole trainwreck lol. I'm glad they're getting to the bottom of it for you and I hope you like your endocrinologist's NP. It would be so nice to just be okay, right? Fingers crossed for you <3 <3

  6. 🤔I'm seeing a come back from you keep speaking positive about your challenges, seeing yourself living free from what is trying to mentally hold you. Believe, by saying today it's behind me, I'm controlling all negative thoughts, today I am living a Sweatless and stressless day. Keep those videos coming!!

  7. This might be a silly question but have you ever tried CBD in edibles? I don’t know if they work or not but it may be safer than smoking,long term. I am hopeful that more can be learned about its effects as more people are able to obtain it legally. I just can’t imagine weeks of being held back by anxiety and depression. You are very brave and i hope your medical treatments go well and that you find something that helps you. Pharmaceutical are NOT the answer.

  8. Thank you so much for having the courage to put this out there. I'm happy you and Nathan found one another. I can see you taking positive steps and am very glad you are receiving good vibes in return. You were in a situation where in the past you might have removed yourself from but this time you chose another path. That couldn't have been easy. I think it's kinda rare when someone makes you want to be a better person.

  9. I always enjoy your videos but I was glued to this one. I'm an indica guy and we're dealing with a lot of the same shit. Indica does the trick but it means I have to be fucked up all the time. I really want to find something I can smoke that will relieve anxiety but won't leave me baked because there are times that's not ideal. All day every day just makes me feel like a zombie. Please let us know if it helped. Also where the hell you getting $45 zips? I'm seeing $99 mids even in Colorado.

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