Life Cycle of Cannabis Plants (Overview)

Today we discuss the basic life phases of a Marijuana Plant – Germination, Seedling Growth, Vegetative & Flowering and the main characteristics you can …


  1. Thanks for watching this old episode guys! This is actually a repost from like 2013. Anyway, please check out the video description for related episodes and grower resources!

  2. My plants are barley making it from seedling to veg

    They should be in veg but there leaves keep dying slowing it down

    Had a few die of root rot already and had to restart

  3. Thank you Lex, I support your channel and your Amazon market place "Lex's Choice Grower & Head Shop". It will be my way of giving back to you. I will be ordering from your amazon list. As a new grower, I need thermometer and humidity gauge. I see three in your Amazon list. From I can tell, the (Accurite 01083) is the way to go as humidity can be calibrated. Let me know which you recommend for a new grower please. Thanks for this lifecycle video. I appreciate your lessons. Your videos help me learn and grow.

  4. Can u keep ur plant in veg stage as long as u want till u think its big enought to go into flower stage bc i got led lights of that were terible the fried my plants and the plants grew verry slow bc i stared my first grow on jully 27th and thier starting to look nice bc i spent the money on a good light its just thier starting to grow so good and thier not even a foot tall bc out of 22 plants i had 5 plants that grew good others ones fried and light i got are bringen 3 plant i thought were dead back to life but thing is is i started jully 27th its august 2nd so can i keep my plant in veg mood till thier atleast 2feet to 2 1/2 feet b4 they go into flower if its possible how do u do it and i listened to u i got the 3 bottle kit of fox farms and calmeg extra srengh bc i couldnt find regular cal meg i got a gallon jug of seeflex and bat guano i do have a root enhance but idt it does anthing for plants but im about to take my plants of miricle grow and i created a nutrient bc ur suposto give calmeg once a week so i put calmeg fow farms grow big and seaflex mixed together would that be safe to feed my plants with that bc every wensday they get fed so is it safe that i mixed all 3 of those nutrients into 1 bottle i used a light dosage of each nutrient and the seaflex said on bottle u can watter with it every time u watter so i bin guven them it 3 times a week and dont got a ph meter so i us bottle watter

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