1. You put your plants out too early this year. I did the same last year. This year everything was outside ready to go on June 1st. Started putting them outside the last week of May. No Pre-flower for me this year.

  2. Too bad I couldn't have you come look at my my grow and see what I got going on I wish you could show me I do live in Northern California right here by you I would really need your help but it's probably not going to ever happen so just keep it that way I hopefully you can send me something back that would help me out let me know what kind of spray I can get to get the spider and russet mites killed I really f**** with my whole grow

  3. Man I'll tell you what bro I have had the same situation you had but just a little bit more different but my main problem having right now is russet mites and spider mites partying literally lost one of my big mother plants and it's really pissing me off I just don't know what to do and what kind of stuff to spray on to kill all that stuff but I also need to get something to spray or put in my soil or put in the nutrients to make them healthy again

  4. So mine just pre flowered in late June/Early-July. At this point would you keep feeding compost tea/Nitrogen rich amendments or still transition to Phosphorus and Cal/Mag. If the plant stays in flower but also continues vegetative growth do you bias towards N or P or a balance?

  5. My blue kush from dinafem always pre flowers n then turns into giant nugs n it’s fully mature by September 20th….but no issues with any other strains I grow. Strain makes a huge difference groski’s🤑

  6. I'm also in northern California and faced the same preflower and the same issues you're facing. I had a hulkberry in a pot that just wouldn't revegg while another 2 in the ground are showing good signs of revegg. I'm thinking next year, I start seeds in a 15-9 hour cycle, trying to keep it as close to the natural light cycle and then transition the plants around May 10th when the sunlight is at about 14 1/2 hours. I want to experiment a little in the off season to see how the plants respond to that light cycle, but I think it's the change from 18 hours light down to 14 that makes certain strains start to flower early. It's a hypothesis and I need to research it more but I feel like that's what's going on with transitioning our plants from indoor to out.

  7. I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the fact that you put them out early that caused it. I put plants out starting April 15-may 12th then I left for a month. When I came back they were all at the same stage in flower. I’m pretty sure it was the weather during the time I was gone because if it was just putting them out early one of my plants would be about ready to harvest right now

  8. i planted too early this year and all but one of my plants are going through weird reveg growth. the plants are already pretty big so i feel like it will be a waste to replace them with new clones in the middle of june. hopefully they bounce back and i get some normal looking growth soon

  9. Morning buddy! Hey man, I could be off a bit but I just wanted to share with you that Cookies Kush may be wanting to flower so hard because of her Durban lineage through GSC. I know others are preflowering as well, so my concern is their photoperiod. Sativa-heavy strains like Durban–and its progeny–can flower at 14 hours. Not ALWAYS, but it can happen, so I just wanted to let ya know brotha. Either way, you know I love the farm, keep up the hard work.

  10. Man I cant wait to see what happens next year when you start from seed in April. I'm curious to see if you can get your girls to the same size. Up here in EUG, I would struggle to get them to a large size starting that late from seed. Girls are looking lovely brother!

  11. I’ve been looking up answers for this!!! I have 3 plants and they all started pre flowering early and I’m in so cal outside. Only stayed and is like week 2-3. I think now stalled and going back. Happy that it won’t be the end of waste! Nature will bring it back or whatever

  12. Both my blue dream preflowered on me but the strawberry banana kush is fine… I’m in San Diego and thought I waited long enough to put them outside… next year I’m not gonna rush myself I’ll wait till June

  13. The longest days of 2020 are about 14.5 hours between June 17 and 23 in the Northern hemisphere. If you have been vegging cannabis under artificial lights on a 16-8 or 18-6 cycle and then put them out in March or April where the day length is in the realm of 11-12 hours then this will trigger flowering just like it would indoors when flipping. The plants in preflower can also sense the increase in day length when growing outside up to June 20 and will revert to vegging naturally if the specific genetics allow it. Everything will proceed normally from there on until harvest.

  14. They’ll swing out bro I’m going threw the same thing.. no way the number of people I’ve meet this year all did the same mistake..I’m just gonna let um go…it just somen in the air this year

  15. Hi @kaligrownbudz have a question to you buddy about SST how often and since what day are you applying corn sst ? Also I remember u used to give mung beans ages ago are u planning in this grow aswell ?
    Regards 🙂

  16. Very smart decision to sprout them "late", plants won't be as huge as this year but they will thrive. I try to warn you about it but the best way is to lean by yourself and growers mistakes. You have such a good conditions to grow that you will be amazed how well they will be developed before flowering starts. Good luck and yes, be patient! Love and peace.

  17. I need help !! Has anybody had problems with rodents ? Like rats ? Ive had some rats in my backyard coming to my garden and chewing on the main lower stalk and causing it to drop to the ground . is there anything I can prevent them from doing anymore damage to the remaining plants ? I've put down bait traps , glue traps and some rat poisoned food pellets . seems like they're not working . any ideas ?

  18. That lifted my spirits! My girls have seemed to be in suspended animation the last month. We had at least 3 weeks of rain and overcast skies in NE Oklahoma. I wondered what was up. Got scared and took the Bruce Banner out of a 30 gallon pots and put it back in a 5 gal. I was surprised how big the rootball was! Thanks so much for the info!

  19. Same thing with two of mine….deadhead OG …both are preflowering heavy. Video was good to watch as it gave me some hope for these 2 ladies. Love your videos . Great job on the garden.

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