1. Wow you did the same as me or should i say i did the same as you, learned from no one and i made my own equipment and i made my own medicine and i still do, but at the beginning "by which i mean since 2010" i used animals poop but now i use liquid chemicals, the first 7 seeds i planted they were all sativas, hooray for sativa strains.

  2. Wow

    Never seen anyone think their responsibil for how weed grows..

    All you need to do is not kill it for good results…. every single grow I've ever done was a great success… not cause of me, cause of the invention of magnetic hps balast then digital balast and professionally bred genetics… that directly effects you so called guru skills… only idiots fail cause they hurt their plants by burning, soaking, or dehydration of their plants… and if you think your smart for that then your the dumbest of the dumb.

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  4. Ya.. lmao… go get a botany degree or a degree in turf and soil sciences. I believe it's a first time grow… it really looks like one. Those cola are nothing to write home about and not useing the best redily available fertilizer is just stupid on their part and this majical clean you speak of is just your own bullshit and you buy it,,, but I'm not. This is what happens when hippies grow canabis… you get an inferior product…

    So where are the test results??

    Anyone can plant a seed… shit… in some grow zones you don't even need to water… and those plants my friend look like the outdoor I grew for decades… that I didn't pay alot of attention to.. but one difference, my outdoor plants were way more bushy and taller, but similar bud site spacing..

    When your done playing and want to learn to grow indoor, get ahold of me.. if your lucky I'll get back to you. But I see alot of wasted space… plants not getting the par they need… going back to my first point… wasted space, lack of training, lots of bud growth under conopy… poor strain selection and poor hormone and nutes selection.

    .anyone can get outdoor results indoors… it does its thing… anyone can keep a few goldfish alive too… but not everyone can grow a nice saltwater reef indoors… but for those of us that can… growing canabis indoors is second nature… but shame on you for not listening… arrogant fucks think you can just go grow the best bud??? Well… let's see the lab results and harvest totals vs power consumption and total wattage of flower lights?? If you dudes are pulling less than .125 grams per watt then you fucking blow… don't just say your awesome… and showing a few plants is nothing… but I'm a .75 gm per watt grower in soil. Sometimes more sometimes less depending on the strain… that means I'm good. I make my white widow show a lab result of 23.9%thc… and total over 25% resins turpin and other caninanoids… what's your strain doing??? Mines from serious seeds tho.. can't take credit for their masterful breeding of the strain and others canabis like AK47 and such. But you guys are just better than the serious seeds guys…

    Ya.. fucking vegan weirdos. Let me know how those weak ass buds are… Maybe you should have grown for a while before showing off with no proper mark to measure against..

    But now you know… so how many watts per gram you boy pulling??? Cause I see that number being quite low.. and that means suckage.

  5. A month ago I saw two guys kissing in the park and I thought that was the gayest thing I ever saw in my life until I saw Kyle Kushman & Shiloh Massive Veganic Cannabis Cultivation Trailer

  6. Awesome brother.yeah ive cit off bonemeal.. i use a super composted soil from apples fish pieces water to worms native soil coco coir. Azomite and molded breads and mychos. And crushed roasted peanut banana n plantain skins with coconut water BLENDED CASHEWS. PISTACHIO N SUNFLOWER SEEDS UNSALTED FOR THE OILS.. ALONG WITH FERMENTED FISH WATE R FROM 10 FISHES WITH A HI PH OF 7.6 PLUS LOBSTER SHELL AND MORE.. SUPER COMPOSTED SOILS PLUS WORMS IS AMAZING.. MY GARDEN OF TOMATOES SWEET POTATOES HAS A 3400 PPM RUN OFF WITH WORM JUICE AND I CUT IT FOR MY GROW

  7. HOW IS ANIMAL DUNG NOT ORGANIC?! Cows, goats and chickens do not eat flesh. Their shit is just digested plant matter leftovers. Mercyless branch snapping surely distinguishes one from the crowd but.. Giving your plants all the TLC will give you even better results, AND you won't be wasting the plant's time and energy on healing those wounds. But wtf do I know?

  8. I could give two shits about the animals. There's my dog , then everything else is potential food , I do love my plants though so I also use veganic and I've got a 2 plus pound plant right now in my grow room. veganic is the non-shit..

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