1. Excuse me sir, is it okay to replace the initial fuse with a different one. My toaster is broken with tf 227°c. Can i replace it with anything below or above that, like tf220°c or tf250°c?

  2. if you bought a 10 pack off ebay for 3.50, you could have fixed it for 35 cents. if you bought a 1000 pack for $150, you could have fixed it for 15 cents. anyway, my point is you paid $5. most kitchen and bathroom applicances have these fuses with variable ratings on them. i fixed a fan that blew one of these by taking one off of something else. it was wrapped in tape against the transformer.

  3. This worked for my unit as well, one thing I noticed is the first fuse was no good and I was second guessing myself. If you have a multimeter or voltmeter test the fuse before you solder it in.

  4. Hi my instant pot is on but not heating the beep comes 3 times after nothing happens. Can sugget me some solution

    When I put on yogurt mode even minute there is. Nick sound 3 times in a minute

  5. Thanks a bunch! It took me a couple of months before I actually dove in to do the replacement–I had the fuses for several weeks–but it took me only a few minutes once I finally decided to do the thing. I'll be more careful about monitoring the liquid levels in the future; I received three fuses, but I hope I won't have to use all three to learn my lesson!

  6. It's important to make absolutely clear that the fuse is a THERMAL fuse. IT HAS 2 FUNCTIONS…

    1. It will blow, and need replacement, if it sees an electrical short anywhere in the circuitry, or in this case from using the wrong inner pot.

    2. It's main function is to TEMPORARILY shut off all electricity within the control panel of your Instant Pot when it gets too hot. This happens when your IP is either overloaded or stressed in some way which causes a higher temperature in the circuitry than the thermal fuse is rated for. It is designed to let the circuitry cool down so as to not start a fire.

    Recently, I accidentally overloaded my 3qt IP with meat. This triggered its thermal fuse about 10 minutes into the 12 minute cooking time. It finally reset after 10-15 minutes, and all was good. This really messes with your planning muscle as I wasn't sure how much more cooking time it needed. I ended up finishing the meal in my oven. UGH!

    It's important to stay within the liquid amounts and load lines on the inner pot to avoid thermally overloading the electronics. Again, the thermal fuse is designed to TEMPORARILY shut down your Instant Pot. If it does this, unplug it from the wall and carefully open the steam vent to depressurize the pot. Then remove the lid and inner pot so the main body can cool. Your Instant Pot should become usable again in 10-20 minutes when the thermal fuse resets itself.

    TIP; If you're instant Pot completely shuts down towards the end of the cooking time due to tripping the fuse, just leave it to cook the rest of the way, but add a few minutes as the pot stays hot naturally for several minutes after the electricity quits, and will continue to cook most foods during this time.

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