Instant Pot Harvest Pumpkin Soup!

Happy Wednesday! Today we are trying out our NEW Instant Pot, and what better way than with a Fall-friendly Harvest Pumpkin Soup. Not like liquid Pumpkin …


  1. I love it when you guys cook. You have inspired me to use my instapot, I am a soup lover. I am going to put to to make some this week and top it with some toasted pumpkin seeds. Yum. I am so excited.

  2. lol you gotta do the "little bit of everything" for your NYE special or something! dump cake, instant pot, craft, cats, plant something, talk about the moon, and bitch about our ladies hahaha

  3. Enjoyed the recipe so much and I sure hope maybe you could do an instant pot recipe every week! 🙂 I know you have every night designated, but maybe and instant pot recipe night!! Love y'all! And thanks again for the recipe!!

  4. Mmmmmm pumpkin!!! This soup looks amazing, & I think I will christen my own (never used) Insta Pot with this yummy recipe! Thanks guys, can't wait to try it! 💙🎃💙🥣😊

  5. You boys have me inspired to get me an instapot and make Mac & Cheese! Does anyone know if they come in sizes, have a small one perhaps for people who live alone and just want one that makes enough for a meal or two?

  6. I decided against an Instapot because I have used my crockpot and oven for years, and did not feel I need it, I dont care for lots of small appliances, BUT I did receive a gift in the mail today I have never used before….an 6qt AIR FRYER, with all the accessories!! let the games begin!

  7. We just got an insta pot… it scares me makes me think of my moms pressure cooker. When she had that thing going we( my sibs and I would split) we used it once since we got it. I'll have to get the recipe to you, very simple . I waited til my husband was free I was afraid it would explode. We are remodeling our kitchen, we have stuff in every room. I can't get to the printer to scan a few recipes , we have stuff all over. I know I told you I have one for French onion soup you will love. As soon as kitchen is done (pray or chant for 3 weeks) I'll get them to you. OMG the shit we have I sold and moved I know I don't need half of what I have. The remodel started Monday and I'm already done!!!! It's stripped to the 4 walls electricity being redone Thursday as well as plumbing. We used to be DIY people but are fortunate enough to pay vendors this time. We know we are blessed. We have owned homes for 45 years and the house in Pennsylvania we did part of the kitchen, an Amish carpenter built my cabinets and did the lighting . He had a friend do the granite, my husband and I did The backsplash. We also did all the hardwood floors. He put in a pellet stove…. see I told you we are DIY peeps. If you know of anyone next year after Aug looking for a beautiful home in fleetwood, Pennsylvania to rent let me know. It's out in the country. No homes behind it, we paid more to live on a tree line facing a farm. Congrats on the instapot, I made squash soup every thanksgiving , then took a squeeze bottle and drew a leaf or pumpkin in each bowl. We always had at least 18 people . In the squeeze bottle I had sour cream.

  8. Yay! You have an instant pot! It’s one of my favorite kitchen tools. I encourage you to check out flo lum’s channel, 90% of her recipes use the instant pot. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve tried from her. And thank you for your content. I came across your channel about 6 months ago, I’ve watched ever since. You two are lovely.

  9. Glad you're loving your new instapot. A great channel to follow who is the king of this device is Pressure Luck Cooking, he also has a new cookbook that just hit the best seller list. His name is Jeffrey Eisner. Enjoy.

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