simpleguysimplepot Instant Pot comes up to pressure seals normally then release valve starts leaking pressure for a couple of minutes. Eventually it stops …


  1. Just got my instant pot and don’t know what I’m doing really I can’t tell if It is sealed or no? The pin is popped up and the timer is on and it’s on pressure cook. Is that silver pin suppose to be up while cooking?
    Please help

  2. Sealing ring should be changed out every six months if you’re using your instant pot regularly. It can get really stretched out and loose. I also heard that you can freeze your sealing ring for five minutes and it should get back into a more rigid form until you can order a new sealing ring. They’re pretty inexpensive and they come in a two pack.

  3. I face the same problem. I kept the pressure medium and manually did 6 mts of pressure cooking and within 5 mts the pressure release valve released the pressure with a loud bang. I had to switch off the plug from the main socket. I changed the ring, the push up button cleaned the rekease valve and tried again but still the problem persist. I completely stopped using it. Please can someone help.

  4. Just used the Instant Pot for the second time and relief valve malfunctioned. I did the water test and cooked a roast a couple of weeks ago and everything worked perfectly. Tonight, the relief valve released pressure the entire cooking time – and did not countdown properly. Food cooked but dried out.

    Figured out the problem: there is a steel "spring" that has to be clipped and seated properly into the inside of the relief valve cap itself in order for the valve to seat itself properly on its post. It's basically the equivalent of a paper clip malfunctioning – but it's a VERY IMPORTANT paperclip.

    When looking on Amazon numerous people lose these relief caps down their garbage disposal (and elsewhere). I would assume the spring is popping loose at that exact moment in time. It is very important to know and understand the importance of this spring and there is no mention of it in the user manual.

  5. I had a similar problem, and got it fixed. The steam was leaking from the release valve too much. My solution was to remove the release valve cap and clean up inside of it with a cotton swab especially where you see a white ball like thing.

  6. I'm having a similar problem except that by the time the cooking is done in my pot, there's no pressure left to release and whatever I'm cooking is burnt because the water in the pot evaporates. I'm still cooking with it but with the expectation that some of my food will be burned at the end.

  7. I'm have about the same problem. The only thing is mine won't ever seal. First of all, it doesn't lock at all. So I turn the lid and also make sure it stays in the sealing position. Most of the time it will seal after turning and pushing on the lid a little. My next thing is to take the lid apart. Wish me luck.

  8. Not sure if someone already posted this but this was happening to me and all I did was push down on the lid and it pressurized completely… I've done this a few times. I haven't used it very many times so doubt it's the problem with the pot or seal, but it works every time

  9. This happened to me when trying to soft boil one egg. (I was experimenting with time per egg under pressure).

    When I put 6 eggs in at a time it held pressure.

    Incidentally, in the Ninja Foodi, 3 min @ High pressure with a quick release (in 2 cups of water) is perfect for (6) MEDIUM cooked eggs.
    But 2 minutes wasn't enough for SOFT "boiled" eggs (albumin was still very runny).
    Got tired of eating eggs so I didn't finish experimenting but will try 2 minutes at high pressure with SLOW release and see if that works.

    Hope that helps. 😊

  10. Mine did that! Brand NEW IP did the water test and I got the BURN warning. How the hell do you get Burn warning. so i Pushed down where you released the pressure, it snaps a second time, did the test again and it worked fine. so Try pushing down all the way after you clean it.

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