Indoor Living Soil at Scale – Green Life Productions in Nevada

FCP Living Soil correspondent Rion Naus and intrepid camera operator and man of many questions Tom Hymes visit Steve Cantwell and the Green Life …


  1. kick my ass and tell me I'm wrong if you want? but I cannot f**** believe they are in the Nevada desert with all that sun and they are using artificial lights!!

  2. The dude doing the interview is a knownit all douche. I just want to point out something hilarious. At 31:32, the owner rolls out the compost tea brewer. They continue to talk about pumps and how they kill microbes in the water and whatnot until at 32:00 the guy behind the camera (douche bag #2) says, “let’s see what you got” and he’s wanting to see the brand. He then zooms in and realizes the brand is right there and he says “oh it’s a compost tea brewer” and has this revelational moment. The interviewer then literally says, “That’s why I turned it” and he isn’t even the one who turned it. The owner was. He’s just one of those people who acts like they know every damn thing.. 🙄😂

  3. I must say Steve was very respectful during the interviews. I noticed a few occasions when he could have corrected the interviewer but took the sage road of silence. Much respect to you Steve!

  4. Did I miss the curing room and process? I watched this whole video to find out what commercial curing rooms look like. Unless I'm learning that when he meets his 'two week dry" in the green room, its final trimmed and then he straight packages the product at that point? Can't be, I gotta missing something.

  5. Where can I find your products? This is the way cannabis should be grown always. Everything looks so lush and healthy in that flower room. Beautiful rooms, very inspiring. Love the dichondra cover also.

  6. Ok so I immediately wanted to know more about these lights. I have run a small light lab , between quantums to cob to direcrional++, an high PPFd .
    Who makes them?? Phos ? . And totally
    Seen the lights bounce the girls and they push them . Co2? I do. Dirt is it.

  7. i love that they hand water. that is legit. thanks for the awesome tour. though, a more structured set of questions would be legit. the camera man was more into asking questions and learning how they do things.

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