Today we’re in veg and dealing with light burn while getting ready for the flowering stage, indoor cannabis grow guide using organic nutrients and Mars Hydro …


  1. Great update dude. Plants are looking good. I only run those distances in flower. I could probably go more like 15-18" in flower but I'm scared without a par meter haha. You should totally get a tent for flower.

  2. Curious. I to (fancy lead in) am closet growing first time. Have you ever lined walls with Mylar for ref!ection? 64 days tomorrow . One cream. And one kush xl. I have kolas as big as let's say a tube of TP.

  3. so Im couple weeks away from 1st auto grow starting with 4 at a time. I m just waiting on seeds i wanted to mix up my medium just to kill time is that ok and id leave in tote covered up ?or should i wait till seeds show up

  4. You should get a lux meter for $19 off the internet or download the app for your phone for free. A plant that small should never have more than 2,000 Lux if that much and then incremented up slowly. I never go above 4000 Lux even during the height of flowering. In addition to Leaf burn your plants have miniaturization of too much light. If you ever look at all the professional grows in Colorado and California they have the 1000 watt high pressure sodium bulbs five feet about the plants

  5. What up bro! Nice trick using the yarn to bend her over and tie her up. (Yarn~Fuzzy Cuffs)😄😄
    Man, my light burn plants always looked bleached out and faded. Real pale green and almost white. My veg room is short so if I let one grow tall it'll touch the lights and do that. I try n move em to flower or keep topping to prevent that. You know what's up tho and you're training a specific technique. Keep on kill'n it and sharing the grow updates!

  6. I burned the shit out of my first grow. I thought it was everything else so I never moved the light. Ended up having to harvest early. It wasn’t until I fried a couple seedlings that I realized what the hell happened. My second grow is already twice the size as my first 💕 she’s beautiful

  7. when I first started growing, I never moved the light as my plants grew up and I learned fast that light burn sucks, I feel like you were trying to see what you could get away with, w dat two level set up in your closet….ehy ya gotta do way ya gotta do right? solid vid as always kush

  8. LMFAO I thought the same! "Wow hair is getting long bro" was my first thought…why do I care lol. I'm a 39yr old dude lol. That's when you know you watch every video lol. Grow it out!!

  9. You used to always say keep it 18-20 inches away, just follow wat you’ve been doin, good vid and thanks for the light experiment, always gonna make sure it stays at 20 inch but you can get it a bit closer during flower, this light could also be more intense than the ts1000, idk, keep up the good work, you’re a legend!

  10. My first plant that’s in flower is so tall that 3 colas which are the tallest are like 8 inches from the mars hydro 1000 I can’t get the light any taller unless I pull the the wires that hold the mars hydro up more if the the rest of the colas are like 12 inches or so away tho if I lower the intensity will that help it or should I try to make the light further away?

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