INDOOR CANNABIS GROW: Transplanting Gorilla Glue Autoflowers!

Today, we’re showing you how to grow weed, transplanting from start to finish, gonna be part of an entire indoor cannabis grow series covering Gorilla Glue …


  1. Awesome video dude. Never knew that you were doing Auto's, cool man. Looks like you picked a good time to transplant. Have you ever tried to plant your seed directly in your finished pot with Auto's? Or do you run them in a different soil when you germinate in the solo cups?✌

  2. Dude we are on the same track, I literally just put mine in 1 gallon. I had to go ahead and transplant because mine was trying to yellow due to root running out of room. I love that new les Paul !!!!

  3. down to earth is great stuff, they got a lot of different stuff and you can really create your own super soil using pro mix if you wanna go that route, strawberry fields looks like it's been working out for you good tho…keep up the great work wit the vids

  4. 👍 Grear job ! Way to take your time and perform a solid transplant. Digging the smooth tunes also, kinda sounds like some late 80s Mark Gonzales street skate jams.

  5. I'm going to be doing autoflowers on my next run with Fox Farm ocean forest soil and wanted to know it would it be okay to add a little bit of dr. Earth flower girl when I start. I want to start and finish in same pot

  6. top o the morning to ya man. nice vid and quick curiosity . lost track of my day count and about 5 days after femming i got hairs looked calendar I'm middle of week 5 from sprout. should i unpin all the lst and hope for best or keepem pinned till done with the stretch? honestly I'm concerned i totally killed my yeild. i was following another guys vids he stressed them enough to prolong vegge like 2 weeks and had a huge yield so thats why i was manipulating the ladys so bad but i guess it didnt work lol . the fem sites are growing rapidly and they just in a few days have developed a lot of nodes but i dont think tehyre going to have time to vegge those sites out enough

  7. Hey buddy sorry I haven't been around for a while. Was just taking a little break on watching videos as much as I was but now I'm back and thanks for the banger. I'll definitely be catching up and dropping some fat likes and comments on your videos. 💯☺️💪🍻✌️💘

  8. Yeah bro just transplanted my is that strawberry fields already have nuts in it? Or na? I'm using mother earth coco and going with hydroponics flora grow line up.or wouldn't you do that line up with autos?.because I haven't started to use it yet today was gonna be my first feeding.

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