I Joined The Breakaway Movement So You Don't Have To

The Breakaway Movement Where new age spirituality meets flex culture. A story of a group of loving, compassionate people whose main motivation is to heal …


  1. Since January of this year, I have been researching The Breakaway Movement and even joined it for a couple months to really get an idea of what goes on in the community.
    It was worse than I ever could have expected, which is why I spent so long working on this video.

    I hope that those who have come across this group can use this video (and the one about kangen water) to be able to make a more informed decision regarding whether or not this is something they want to join. I also hope other creators can use the information in this video to talk about it on their own platforms because more people talking about this means less people just getting the members one-sided description of the group & "opportunity."

    If this video gets taken down, it’s because one or more of the members only want their one-sided description out there and feel threatened by someone exposing the things they probably know don’t make them look the best. Not my problem. Do good things and you won’t have to worry about people finding out about what you do.
    And it would be a false take down because everything in this video falls under fair use and is within YT guidelines. But I wouldn’t put it past them to not read youtube policies or intentionally trying to get it taken down knowing it doesn’t break any rules. I’m really not that concerned about it though, I’d just re-upload it + redo whatever part was the “problem” in a different way.

    I will be making a part 3 to this series eventually because I still have like 50 pages of notes and I wasn't able to fit some of the most horrible/disgusting or alarming things in this video but they really need to be talked about. That one will be shorter or maybe I'll just make a few in like a mini series style.

    This video isn't really meant for BAM members who are deep into the group so I'm not really trying to convince you guys of anything- I think that would be futile- but I am 100% open and happy to have a conversation with any of y'all if you'd like!Preferably via IG DMs-that's easier than YT comments or email for me. If you wanna talk with me about anything related to this subject, DM me, I am more than willing to having a conversation with anybody w/ any opinions or experiences.
    Or if you'd like to correct me on something I said in the video that is incorrect, I would greatly appreciate that & will add corrections below this ↓ 

    The only thing I do want to say is that if you are going to write off the entire video because you think I'm jealous or don't want you guys to make a lot of money or travel or whatever, you are wrong and doing yourself a disservice by writing off all valid criticism as jealousy. People can disagree with something you do for genuinely good reasons, and it might help to consider other perspectives. "You're just jealous" if often used as a rebuttal when people can not actually think of a good argument in response to someone. I promise there are not nearly as many people who are jealous of you guys as you think. And you will understand that if you actually listen to what the concerns are that people raise rather than becoming defensive. If you need further proof though, if I was jealous of the top earners of BAM, I would just join and likely be able to make a lot of money since I have a social media following. But… since I have a bad money mindset, taking advantage of people to make a higher income is not an interest of mine. Contrary to popular BAM belief, you actually can be happy and live a fulfilled life without being a millionaire. That being said, I am very privileged to have what I have in life and understand why their promises of an abundant income appeal to people who have less than I do and are well-meaning but in desperate places in life. Like I say in the video, NONE of my frustration is ever towards the people who were preyed upon by these top dogs and convinced that this business will make them more money with less work.

    Correction: there’s 2 times in the video where I say “web class” but mean biz comp video
    “In the web class, Aaliyah also says…” when talking about that vid and “Aaliyah says that in the web class out of nowhere…” in the ‘you are here for a reason’ part. Originally I had written out things I wanted to say about the web class w/ Aaliyah and Macy but then I thought they changed it to the biz comp one so I had to quickly redo that part of the video (leading to lazy work)… and while I was right about the fact that they had changed it.. even though I had seen the current web class w/ Molly + Zoe, I somehow thought at the time of filming that the biz comp one was the web class. I don’t know why- I had 100+ pages of notes, 1000+ screenshots so that probably contributes to the many little errors I made in the video & had to go back in and fix or will have to update here. I apologize for those and do not want to spread false of confusing info- but there was just so much info it was hard to keep track of everything.

    Correction 2: When I talk about 350 members at the start of BAM at around 16.45, I don’t believe all of those people came over from CEO. Some did, but not all. Someone sent me some videos from Karen a while back where she talks about joining BAM and tells her downline that if they sign up to BAM before a certain time then they never have to pay the monthly membership- so I’m guessing the 350 individuals are everyone who signed up to BAM right at the beginning before it was like open to the public if that makes sense.

    Correction 3: the 11.5 pH is used for reducing pesticides from produce, not the 2.5

    Update: “Clarice” is no longer in BAM and has a platform called “We Soul Rich” which I believe is due to her transition away from new age spirituality and into Christianity.

    Update to controversies part: They added a thing to the checkout area where you have to check a box acknowledging that you will be mentored by the person who you watched the webclass through- so that's good!

    Clarification: One of the reasons I include things from people who aren’t really BAM members anymore is because when I started following these people in Jan/Feb… Macy hadn’t yet created FLM, Tara hadn’t yet created KYW, I didn’t know the founds of CCO were the founders of CCO because their content is so similar to BAM members except a little more anti-vax so I had a lot of info on these people that I wanted to talk about and felt was important to talk about regardless of whether or not they’re in BAM because it’s not really about BAM as a platform, it’s about the actions taken by these people who are all promoting the same things and doing the same stuff.

    Something I had intended to clarify in my script but didn’t for whatever reason (probably forgot) was that, like I say in the video, it’s not like I think these people are sociopaths and don’t care about anyone else- BUT the problem is: they do have a lot of altruistic traits like being interested in sustainability and ethical practices and all that stuff and those qualities make people think that they couldn’t possibly ALSO be greedy and selfish and willing to do things to benefit them at the expense of others. People are not all good or all bad. I’m sure these people all have tons of good qualities and are very caring at certain times to certain people, but their actions do not fully reflect the values of who they portray themselves to be. Sometimes, even when presented with an opportunity that you believe could make you a MuLti SiX FiGuRe BuSiNeSs OwNeR, you don’t take it because you educate yourself on the business model and learn that you would be making that money at the expense of other people. That is why it is so important to understand that Enagic is an MLM and understand why that is a problem.

  2. Also, it legitimately pisses me off that they’re all about “sustainability” but talk endlessly about their yachts? And also travel to places that they then seriously harm? I mean, the pollution in Bali has sky-rocketed since becoming this ideal travel destination. So, they’re going to destroy Hawaii under the guise of sustainability? While Hawaii can’t sustain them? Really?

  3. Longest videos I’ve ever watched on YT even for a movie lol

    I appreciate the research and time you put in this informative content
    I have so many friends that either selling mascara or essential oils and they won’t stop posting how amazing these products are and trying to sell them to their friends and it gets so awkward when we talk now.

    I don’t have the heart to tell them these are similar to pyramid schemes (even if not legally) because I feel like all these ppl are in their 30’s an adult should be able to make their own choices right?

    My only hope is that they didn’t invest 10k or even any money for just getting in the scheme (I mean business)
    I do encourage and admire ppl that have an entrepreneur mindset and goals to have a lavish life so I’m not going to bring them down for trying and hustling even if it means making small commission. Their masterclass are motivational which are not necessarily bad but some of the ones you mentioned are definitely a slippery slip from that positive energy.

    I guess my point is that self employment takes time (years sometimes) to make good money (you prob know the experience being a YT person as well) so I’m not surprised that new comers don’t make money. I think the issues I have are that the product itself (not specific to the Kangen) and a get rich quick theme.

    I guess i just suck at making sales even though I’ve been told I’m a positive person and pushy in a good way but I feel so uncomfortable trying to tell people to buy things so that I can benefit from it. I’m pretty good at selling my shit at the swap meet though

  4. Damn that was a hell of a video (in the good way), I don't recall watching a Youtube video that long lately 😀 (so thanks to Youtube algorithm for the recommandation, without it I wouldn't have seen it…. 🙂 ).
    Also I like the way you made this video, and I love how you looked simple (no make up but cute :D) and it's like the opposite of the bad people you were talking about who put everything on their look to cheat people and stuff.

    Good job, you just gained one more suscriber 🙂

  5. I know nothing about this topic but you bet your buttons that I'm sitting through it all and I'm not skipping ads so that Anna can reap some benefit from the research and effort that went in to this analysis. (Commenting for the algorithm)

  6. Dang, I love your videos! It's so funny though… all the ads that come on throughout this video are for MLMs. Thanks for bringing light on this whole influencer / tea tox / st. TRoOpeZz / MLM world we live in now.

  7. I'm happy to see, that you appear to be able to make a living creating deep, long, well-researched and differentiated videos like this. Keep going!

  8. Thank you for taking the time to out these "perfect life" influencers, they have access to so many vulnerable people and its about time someone like yourself takes the time to educate others on the reality of it all. Thanks again Anna, subscribed right away!

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