Hydraulic press doing fabrication for Stainless steel pot, sink forming process

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  1. Our city is the China Biggest Cookware production base.
    Our factory specialize producing moulds and machines for stainless steel tableware utensils more than 16 years.

    Advantages of Our City Chaoshan
    【】China / World's Biggest Tableware Production Base
    【】More factories, More Experience+Machines

    Advantages Of Our Factory, GY
    【】Experience Of Making Machines Moulds
    【】Experience Of Making Tableware
    【】A-Z Solution, Oversea Installing Training

    Achievement Of Our Factory, GY
    【】Strongest Supplier Of SS Tableware Production Line
    【】4000+Clients 65+Countries
    【】Having China Top Production Experience, Gy Was Invited To Visit & Tech.Exchange By Egypt Gov.

    Best Wishes Jason
    Whatsapp : +86 13534668649
    WeChat: +86 13534668649


  2. Guys, in order to fabricate stainless steel into lets say, kitchen cabinets, then all I need is a cutting and bending machine? Trying to open a small store to fabricate kitchen equipments. Would appreciate someone's help!

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