How’s It Growing? with Johnny B: Storing Cannabis

How’s It Growing? with Johnny B: Storing Cannabis POT TV – Watch How’s It Growing? with Johnny B – LIVE every Friday at 4PM PT on Pot TV WATCH – How’s …


  1. BeStEsT ShOw YeT !!! I LoVe to see JB so damned passionate and the fact he took notes before the show, (looking down to review topics) just shows how stoked he be after and before the show. U truly inspire JB, keep up keeping that CHiN up !!!

  2. You know how John talks about "active water"-or "water activity"? Well I looked it up and it's nothing more that RH divided by 100, you don't need any special device, just a regular hygrometer and a closed container. I guess the device he bought is handy for tiny amounts though, like one bud. Maybe it also has a thermometer in it and compensates for temperature, which can make a difference apparently. Here's the reference:
    "Two basic methods can be used to obtain the constant temperature sorption curves. In the first method, food of known moisture content is allowed to come to equilibrium with a small headspace in a tight enclosure and partial pressure of water activity is measured manometrically, or relative humidity is measured using a hyqrometer. Water activity is equal to equilibrium relative humidity divided by 100: (a w = ERH/100) where ERH is the equilibrium relative humidity (%). Relative humidity sensors of great variety are available for this purpose, including electric hygrometers, dewpoint cells, psychrometers, and others."

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