How you Know When to Harvest your Marijuana…

Please check out my new Head-Shop. WE, me & M could do with your support. Peace & one love Jmurp When is it the right time to …


  1. …and we'll be cruising at approximately 38,000ft, on behalf of myself, my co-pilot, and the cabin crew, we'd like to thankyou for flying really, really high.

  2. we should make a campaign to make marijuana legal 1 it doesnt kill brain cells and if it does scientists say your brain reproduces 100s of brain cells in a day 2 its not addictive at all you'd have to smoke 15,000 joints in 20 mins haha and i dont think thats possible 3 theres never been 1 death because of marijuana none! and its been proven to super way healthier non harmful. Alcohol and cigarettes those actually give you CANCER! c'mon guys and chicks all together we can change the world

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