How To Treat a Sinus Infection (With a Homemade Neti Pot)

In this video I show you how I successfully treated a sinus infection with a homemade neti pot. This DIY sinusitus treatment works wonders: read the comments to …


  1. this is one of those rare people in this darkening world who actually wish to spread good true knowledge AND can explain it clearly fully and to the point. if you prefer to watch tv and believe the advice of a media sponsored well paid empty eyed person wearing a lab coat (or tweed jacket) and thick glasses with various academic letters presented at the bottom of your screen – then good luck and enjoy your perpetual circle-making. all the power and beauty from all realms to you Chris!

  2. This worked so well last time (abt a yr ago) I'm back again! My sinuses have been playing me up for a few weeks and now I have a banging headache so hoping this will do the trick. Will be back in a day or two to let you know how it goes 👍

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