How to grow Marijuana | "#COMEBACK2021" GROWERS UNIVERSITY

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  1. WazUp SunSet-
    "Remedy Rigs/Rigo Remedios"
    1st of all…My thoughts and prayers 2U!! Events in Life like this, only makes us Stronger & Better!! You have a huge Community that has
    Your back and Only want the best 4U!! Handle Business & Always Keep Yo'Head Up!! Alright DeN!!
    "Double Rx"- 🌱♻️🌳🌲💨🔥⚕️

  2. That’s a smart move man, I think you’re making the right call. Industrial hemp is in huge demand, you can use the entire plant. Cut those trees down and make a badass cabin with the logs dude, you got this 🤜🏻🤛🏻✌🏻😁

  3. Canada wishes you the best comeback for 2021.. stay strong, hang in there the best you can my friend. I / we feel for you, glad you and your dog made it out ok.

  4. Here in the southeast they burn the fields after rye & wheat is harvested to get the benefits of the ash , I think you got a killer plan bro , add plenty of lime & a few other amendments & till that shit up nice & deep & I think you'll kill it next season ,

  5. I recommend brown sugar late molasses too late I'll start frowning your buds out and then get real bad Bud rot if you go with Kane and nutrient if you're doing a straight organic grow they have like a Chocolate Bayou boost and I have like like I'm brown sugar type bio boost the brown sugar type by Boost will have more flavor the chocolate type molasses bio boost s has more weight

  6. I really wanted to see your crop this year.. sorry your having so much shit happyen. It'l will work out in the end, hopefully your soil is amazing/makes up for everything long term. Also, thanks for all the knowledge.. I was finding the same thing/already cut out molasses for the year..

  7. …currently growing a 1:1 (12%/15%) no name strain..found in an Illinois Dispensary that produced..Bedford Grows …labeled Special 1:1…end of week 6 inside…the high reminded me of the 80s "creeper weed" we got in HS..

  8. Yeah bro your a visionary. Got that field of dreams mind frame. Keep that positive vibe
    going no matter what obstacles you my face. The grommies have faith in your dreams. Nothing but respect. Peace from Hawaii.

  9. Bro get you some alfalfa seeds and winter rye seeds throw that chit out so ur dirt doesn't wash out and run off the hill. Options are like the stars with 5 acres. All I got is a debit card but soon as I get to a wally world I will throw you a little life line bro. Works been good lately even threw covid take-over so I'll be glad to do what I can. I can only imagine the kaos.
    P.S. My great grandfather born late 1800's a pioneer from Germany once told me that land that cant pay for itself in tax's isn't worth having. You all ready got water well, hell I want you when your not worrying to check out HEMPCRETE HOMES. They grind basic hemp like your talking into a small fibers and mix it with light weight or something like a stucco and spray it on walls for a adobie looking finish and r-rating. Its strong af with the hemp in the mix
    God Bless

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