How to Do a Coffee Enema (Stovetop + Instant Pot)

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  2. Can you use an organic decaffeinated coffee for this? Caffeine makes my heart rate accelerate so I typically don't drink it. Also, to start, is it better to try on a weekend?

  3. Ok to keep in fridge a few days? I usually make 30 at a time and freeze. Then reheat/boil in my kettle in bathroom before use. Have you ever tried this? Many say you can't freeze the concentrate, however, I've done this for over a year and it still works great

  4. Doesn't doing an enema every day for so long disrupt your body's ability to naturally produce a bowel movement? Does your body become addicted to the enema as a means of having a BM?

  5. I just did my first coffee enema a couple of hours ago. I'm not sure I'll ever waste coffee by drinking it ever again. I had been having some intestinal discomfort, gas, and cramps for about a week and a plain water enema wasn't helping like it usually does. I'm not new to giving myself an enema just never tried coffee before. OMG, I wish I had discovered this years ago! I may have over done it a bit on the amount of coffee i used, but I had no idea how clean they make you feel inside and I just can't believe how much better I feel now as opposed to just a couple hours ago. And that was after probably 4-5 plain water enemas in 2 days didn't help. It's is amazing how refreshed and healed I feel and it's not just because I'm over caffeinated. It's like the coffee washed all the poisons out of my body. At least I'm pretty certain that anything that smells like that is bound to be poisonous. I'm never drinking coffee again.

  6. Great video I'm going to subscribe to your channel. Also I saw some videos just for 15 minutes but I think I saw one or it talks about holding for an hour? Is that necessary or any more beneficial?

  7. Thank you for this awesome clip; I just did my first today as advised, I feel good already. I will do it for the next two days and then take a break.
    I've been on 7 days elongated fasting; it's my day 5 and I only used the toilet once after taking some tea. It was little. Coming across your video, I decided to try it. My kit and organic coffee arrived today and bang! I prepared and did it. Some spills hear and there but it will get better. I'm so happy I tried it. Thanks

  8. Sweetheart thank you so much 💕 but pleasseeee stop the hypnotherapy! It is not from God, you can look at the channel of a former hypnotherapist the name is "Heal and Restore"

  9. I did a CE yesterday and felt detox symptoms and then a plain (distilled) warm water one today and tummy is upset, bloated and not feeling great. Curious why? Thanks so much! 💜

  10. A couple things. How many quarts do you use for your water enema? Then, you would find it easier to hold the liquid if you used a larger, butt plug-style nozzle instead of one that's small and thin.

  11. Do you have any suggestions for a lubricant? I was using Vaseline which was working perfect, but then I read it’s not good to use that since petroleum is toxic. I switched to coconut oil, but that doesn’t seem to work for me. Can I use something such as KY or even Astroglide?

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