How to Defoliate Your Cannabis Plants Week 1

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  1. Remo the only possible way to thank you for all this vids is rolling a huge joint and smoke it in your honor. Thank you once again. Never done this to my plants and I think this is what I was missing because I always ended up having huge buds and very small one with no maturity… this should be done in my exterior plants as well?(Excuse my English)

  2. Remo your very on point with removing the suckers. I love the structure of your plants. Do u top your plants? I noticed a few looked untopped but the lower branches still were close to the main and your canopy is even. I usually top mine early like a couple weeks into veg, I'm using clones. Than again a couple weeks before I flip.

  3. Hi Remo.! Nice work as usual, i see all your videos and i am a big fan of you.!!! I am from Madrid and I am thinking that if you are planning to visit Spain one day I would love to meet you in person , And I can take you to very good places to smoke very good weed. Thanks dude

  4. OMG, that looks terrifying. First time grower here and i've got 2 fem auto flowers just over 3 weeks…and another fem auto at 2 weeks. When is a good time to start lollipopping my girls?
    Thanks for your videos. They're the shit!!!

  5. @urbanremo Question: This might sound dumb but I'm new to cultivation. I have an 8 site autopot xl system, do I go off of my 25Gal Reservoir or the plants for my nutrient feed? What I mean is do I mix my nutrients with 25G ratio or do I use a ratio for 8 plants?

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