How Pot Size and Transplanting Affects a Cannabis Plant

NOTE: The following documentary depicts legal cannabis horticulture within the state of California under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This video is for …


  1. Thank you for the vids. Can you please do an experiment regarding transplant shock at flowering? You say 1-2 weeks recovery is good after transplant before flowering, but I think its a myth if you're careful. Side by side 1 flowered right after transplant, 1 flowered 2 weeks after transplant. Also curious whether breaking up the root structure when transplanyimg is actually helping or worth the shock. 1 transplanted plain and 1 broken up would be a neat experiment. Thanks!

  2. I think genetics plays a part on overall plant size in my experience, my last two gallon autoflower was 41" tall 😳 my solo cups average a foot or so, I think those estimates may be a bit outdated..

  3. You forget a lot of essentials, you should start of by saying this is only good advice for long vegging phenotypes. not autoflowers. Also repotting doesn't matter much when using coco coir and an eb- flow method.

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