1. This is really hard to do with the smaller wax pots. Still looking for a way to clean them. Mine just never come clean like this from just wiping with paper towel. The wax just sticks and hardens really quickly on the paper towel and I burn the side of my hands, on the side because there is barely any room to put my hand it.

  2. Just wanted to say a quick thanks for the video! I ended up following your method, but rather then using my hand/gloves (I was scared I was going to burn myself) I used a non woven wax strip and a used application stick because the fibres of tissue/cotton can break up and stick to the wax then I finished off using a small amount of coconut oil. Turned off the machine and waited for it to be completely cooled down before wiping everything down with a anti bacterial wipe and it worked perfectly!! Looks brand new again 🙂

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