I just cut her down and i cant wait to smoke her, i just found a COLA THAT I LEFT IN THE BOX AND I DIDNT WEIGH IT, IT WEIGHTED ABOUT 3.9 grams so i …


  1. Bro that way more than a ounce looking more like two ounce b. The first weight you say it was like 6 grammar b that was more than half ounce b check your scale get a new one love what you doing tho..good job but your scale ain't right

  2. it could be some light fluffy type bud man you can't tell the weight from watching a damn youtube video. if you can't physically feel how dense the bud is then there's no way to semi-accurately guess that its "more than an ounce," I've eyeballed many eighths, quarters, halves, and zips with really close sometimes right on weights when they were put on the scale and actually being in the presence of the herb is imperative to making an educated guesstimate simply because all buds have different densities. I've had halves that were so fluffy they looked like whole oz's and I've had whole oz's that looked like halves bc the buds were so dense and compact, but it breaks out. shit I've seen one bud eigths that look like dubs until it is broken up. My point, looks can be deceiving. as long as he puts a nickel on the scale and it reads 5.0 g's, he's all good. and if you don't know, now ya know

  3. SSLICK1 bro that's way more than an ounce, buy a new scale yours is fucked, I've been in the weed game for 18 years I can tell the weight of dope without a scale. when you put the first bud in it said "1.6" that bud clearly is 2.5 – 3 gs. cheers bud, keep growing.. legalize everywhere!!

  4. did u test your ph levels and give it the rights nuts, Nutreints plays a big role in growing weeds fuck the lights Cfls are perfect lights don't really matter what kind they all produce lumems,what plays a factor is the nutrients if you were to hit the plant with some old age bloom during the flowering cycle and the last 4 week's of flower hit it with a nice bud finisher like bud candy or Fox farm what ever then u probably could of got up to 3 ounces off that plant. keep growing remember it's all about the nutrients and keeping your ph levels no lower than 5.5 and no higher than 7.5

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