Harvesting Cannabis – Episode Two

Harvesting takes a lot of time, especially if you don’t spend the time taking care of your garden and you have problems. Let’s check out last years harvest with …


  1. I like your videos Jorge but why are they so short? Just leave the camera running longer, say more stuff, show more stuff! It's easy!

    I literally came here to make that comment and EVERYONE else is saying the same.

  2. Everyone needs to understand that Jorge is probably extremely busy with everything he has going on.So to get any kind of video from him is great.I do agree they would be more helpful if they were longer but let's not complain.We have in my book one of the Worlds best Cannabis growers and he is willing to spread the love.


  3. Here's what most might of missed in previous video. Diseased portions cut off. Instruments and hand rubbed down with alcohol. Hands extra washed inside the house as mentioned in previous video. Pakalolo starts being harvested with extra checks for more mold adding to the handling. Hands became very gummed up since alcohol and soap washed all the oils off the hands and out of the pores. Rolling gum off hands and into a bowl and into a bowl…..and into a bowl and into a bowl and………in short my bet is something came up or somebody is still busy with life and or editing.

  4. Jorge kinda taught me most I know 25 years ago or so. I still visit just to hear his dulcet tones 😉 Mind you mi amigo, it's a good job cos not much else there lol ppp

  5. You people act like Mr. Cervantes owes you videos, as though you are entitled to recieve frequent updates. Pretty sure his videos dont cost any of you a thing. On top of that, you are whining that they are not long enough. Pretty sure he has a life outside of youtube videos. Maybe you should purchase his most recent book and read something, or maybe one of his DVD's. Or subscribe to another cannabis connaseur's channel.

  6. Jorge I've followed you since you began I've got every book you've done as time go on now it seems you not bothered anymore I can understand that you've been about a very long time now you have much more in portent things to do perhaps it would be best if you don't do anymore videos it's not good for your followers all you keep doing is letting them down with worthless less than 2 minute videos please Jorge try and do much better or don't bother and retire as the best and not a let down to your followers

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