Guitar volume pot listening test 500k vs 250k on Humbucker and Single Coils

Just had to get this one off my chest. Whilst there are many variables to consider, the traditional volume pot values appear to be the best choice in most …


  1. He didn't say which was which so that we would just LISTEN for any differences. When you are told what you're listening to, you can trick yourself into hearing what you want to hear.

  2. Just the video I was looking for! Thank you so much. For those confused, the single coil clips go 250k, then 500k. The humbucker clips starts with 500k, and then 250k. Pay attention to where he flicks the switch 😉 Visuals on the screen could have helped, but we're all adults who are hopefully attentive enough to figure it out on our own.

  3. The difference is more subtle than i expected but you can hear it. When using a good ear monitor, on single coils, the 500k pot seems to emphasize pick attack, a bit more ice picky. Maybe not so noticable to the Listener but may annoy the player. The whole shape of the tone doesn't really get brighter but thatd could be due to the amps compression (drive). I prefer 250k, it just works

  4. I can hear a very subtle high end boost when he uses the 500k pot on the single coils, but just barely. The difference to me was slightly greater on the humbucker.

  5. Would have been nice to actually be told which pot you were switching to each time. just verbally saying it in between or text. Otherwise all we're doing is watching you play guitar. Regarding having both single and double coil in the same guitar, would it work to use a 250k pot but on the wire coming out of the humbucker attach a 250k resistor before it gets in the tone circuit (so the single coil just gets the 250k and the humbucker gets 250k + 250k with the same volume pot)? curious if anyone has tried that.

  6. This was useless as far as I can tell. Why didn't you label what you were testing? Have no clue which was 250k or 500k single coils nor which was 250k & 500k humbucker. That, makes the entire video useless. As far as I could tell, you used the same setting the entire time? 🤷‍♂️👎👎👎👎

  7. I thought by your title that you were testing the actual VOLUME of the pickups of the two guitars, vintage vs reissue. Why don't you do that? I have yet to find THAT type of test anyhwere, between old and new guitars. The legend has it that the copper in the windings was more pure in the vintage models, and there were more windings on the pick up which resulted in more volume and better tone at the same amp setting for both guitars. I've yet to fine anyone who's done that actual test, at least with a DB meter. I don't have a vintage axe or a DB meter, or i'd do it.

  8. I literally couldn’t tell the difference between the 250k and 500k pots.

    If you put, for example, 1k ohms of resistance between your pickups and your output jack, it doesn’t matter whether it’s being put there by a 250k pot or a 500k pot or a 1k resistor or two 500 ohm resistor in series or two 2k resistors in parallel. 1k ohms = 1k ohms = 1k ohms.

    But thanks for doing this test. I appreciate it. It is exactly the video I was looking for!

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