Guitar Tone Knob/Pot Removal

A short tutorial on how to remove your tone knob from your guitar and put the volume knob in place of it. This is to allow room to install a killswitch to your guitar, …


  1. they talkin bullshit get that finger on the trigger then pull it 🤣😈😈👾👽 sick tutorial i was looking for a bit for exactly this and who knew one of my guitar idols has one out

  2. Opened up my 2018 charvel San Dimas and found 6 wires and a capacitor connected to my tone pot. Not as cookie cutter as I thought. I to wanted to swap it out for an iron age kill switch. Any thoughts?

  3. so taking the tone master off wont actually mess with the tone you get? I'm trying to do this with my s7 and I don't really use my tone master for what I play considering I have tone and volume masters on my pedalboard. any ideas?

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