1. The center colas of that plant are much lighter green (yellowing) than the rest of the plant. Either Nitrogen or Epsom salt is in order. Trust me, I made that mistake more than a few times.

  2. the best part of using these types of lights is that you can place them really close and this allows you to get the most lumens for the amount of power that you are using. unlike HPS lights that must be placed as far as 4 feet which you will lose more than half your light and then you have to worry about heat and keeping them cool. and also these types of lights have many different spectrum for you to choose from. natrul white to veg. and warm light to bud hope this helps. to me using HPS or MH lights produce a lot of lumens for the power but you have to have them too far and the power it takes to keep them cool just doesn't add up.

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