Growing Cannabis Outdoor Day #1 (OG Kush, Lemon Kush, Chernobyl, Blueberry Kush, Obama)

Many people have asked about the nutrients used in this grow. I go into a thorough discussion of nutrients and this 2017 grow from 1:45-7:50 in the video link …


  1. Outdoor Growing Season is upon us here in the Willamette Valley!!! Welcome back my friends to our first day of our 2017 Outdoor Grow. We have moved our ladies outside and have our 4 recreational girls growing side by side with our 6 medical ladies. This is a little bit longer video so sit back with some of your favorite cannabis and enjoy….or if you want to just skip to the crucial parts here is an index:
    0:002:05 Intro
    2:052:45 Initial Discussion
    2:458:45 Soil Prep/Plants put in ground
    8:4510:20 Discussion on Soil/Prep/Prevention Issues
    10:2013:30 Soil Prep/Plants put in ground
    13:3015:04 Review look at plants in ground
    15:0518:50 Nutrients !!!
    18:5020:57 Top Dressing
    20:5722:49 Irrigation system in place
    Music courteous of

    Hope you all enjoy, if you have any questions or comments…they are appreciated. Happy Growing and Blessed Be.


  2. can’t wait to grow outside this spring. first grow, gonna be growing some master kush seeds from ILGM, wish me luck and if you have any tips and or advice, leave them down below for this newbie!!

  3. What would your routine be if u were starting from seed? Would these already be sexed from veging inside first or do u wait till they start flipping to flower before u would kno?

  4. You use too much soil on the first tree , the whole bag wasn't necessary .. It helps save money as well , just my opinion but otherwise you have some lovely healthy looking plants.

  5. Be honest how did that turn out I didn't see nothing after that how that turned it looks good plants look good good soft soft soil needs to keep that shit wet huh that dry out pretty easy yeah good job 2 months old

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