Growing Cannabis Indoors, EVERYTHING you need to know

This is a COMPLETE guide on what you need to begin growing indoors. This video covers everythng from A to Z. THE ONLY VIDEO YOU NEED TO WATCH!


  1. This is crazy. Thanks so much. It feels like this would be a mandatory video you'd be force to watch before working at a grow house or something. Top quality.

  2. One more tip: if using soil, and you're game enough…try a fresh, raw and unbroken egg, buried below a plant.(indoor & out)
    It's kinda like a reserve tank of nutrients and water.
    I've used up to 4 per plant, in conjuction with normal feeding practices. Though these babies were veg'd for 12wks indoors. (Note: this was part of an ongoing experimental hobbie.)
    The results were frickin gnarly!, I'm positive, you'll be stoked af too.

  3. Who's watching in 2018? Great content never goes out of fashion..

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