Growing Cannabis In Tables

Its time to start this next grow but this time we are growing in Botanicare Trays, or better know as Marijuana Benches ,we are going to use 3 sizes 1-4×4, 1-4×6 …


  1. "Got me thinking , what parts of the world to plants grow the best and healthiest and what's there Sun's ppf par and light like there ?… hmm what about kelp under water ? That gets more far red? Because it penetrates the water and blue do not ? Or other way round maybey? " @Jhon Beferlo

  2. I'm about 8 weeks with some Wedding Cake, grape ape, blue dream, and some cheese skunk. Things are looking nice and my calyxes are swollen and sugary as hell. I was wondering if your week of pure dark helped? Did you get any useable data to see what benefit it had? I've added a UV supplement, and the sugar is piling on… Thanks for the vids John! Enjoy them when I can…

  3. Well i'm stoned right now 😂😂 so i just want to say that (THE ROOM IS MAGIC MAN!!!) and congratulations on the PAR & everything meter ,and last i just want to know how much does it costs you per one great LED light?(CANADIAN 💲& AMERICAN 💲)You probably mentioned that in a previous video but i always don't watch your updates unless i'm STONED 😁 i started to type wrong 😅😅 i'm smoking hash so forgive me buddy, i just want to know how much per a single LED, you know what i meant 😂😂😂😂😂 so when you have some free time tell me dude if you want of course, bye for now ✋ ✌.

  4. Are you just vegging under these LED’s or will they be used for flower also? I always hear about the latest wiz bang LED fixtures only to find out they won’t replace a 1000w HPS 1 for 1.

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