Grand Opening, Home Cultivation, Product Selection and more! Old Route 66 Dispensary Springfield MO

Today’s Announcement We Discuss Grand Opening, Infused Products, Strain Selection, Home Cultivation, and much more! Like getting regular updates?


  1. Subscribed, notifications on, and a VIP 🤙 I dont have a facebook, but im following everywhere I can. Anything else we can do to help, let us know!! Even at high prices, you're saving us all long drives and changing lives 💗💗💗

  2. Thank you for the update. Currently I go to Arkansas to get product. The cost at first might be high, however the time and automobile expense going out of state would be well worth it.

  3. You can go to Arkansas and get your marijuana if you have a Missouri Medical Marijuana Card. It's $50 for a visitors pass and it's good for one month. I go to Fiddler's Green Disprensary in Mountaing View, AR. Their prices are really fair. Especially on their daily deals. $240 an ounce. Good products!

  4. Thank you for the information you have provided through video. I'm familiar with MMJ and am hopeful you will be able to obtain adequate supply to reduce prices. Thanks too for your transparency.

  5. Zero info… nothing we don't already know but at least you are getting set up. It has taken 3 years for Arkansas to get set up and I am hearing that a lot of their product is not that good. It would be helpful if you had info on purchasing in neighboring states like visitors fees in Arkansas or Oklahoma if you really care about patients. Judging by the way it has gone so far, I will be surprized if we have product by January but at least the ball is rolling just not fast enough which is not your fault but understandable. I just got my card and glad I didn't waste my money getting one last year.

  6. So you are saying that the more that i watch these empty videos? The cheaper my weed will be? Seems unlikely and by the way im not ever buying crazy expensive weed and unsubscribing until next summer thanks guys

  7. Really hope your guys' prices are fair.
    We all know how Arkansas handles there business…… $17 a gram for Cannabis that is no more than 18% THC….

    really scared you guys are going to follow suit with that kind of a business image….. charging your patients phenomenally high prices for really low quality cannabis……

    We've waited long enough, hopefully you dont shape the Market that way….. as potentially the first open Dispensary in the state of Missouri…

  8. Marijuana is a easily grown strong healthy crop requiring very little effort or cost is self propagating meaning it's not difficult to turn a few plants into a whole field full of plants it requires little to no cost to fertilize creates it's own natural pesticide and requires a minimum amount of watering in missouri and the surrounding Ozark forest the natural conditions produce some of the worlds best buds so can someone please explain to me why it should cost outrageously high prices stand together refuse to pay more than it goes for on the street let the store owners and cultivators know you deserve your medicine at reasonable and affordable prices don't fall for the hype what we do now will set the precidence for the entire states industry and what the cost will be for future generations to come be strong stand together demand quality product at reasonable rates

  9. These poor guys can't even bring themselves to tell us what that cost will be just to expect it to be very high what we do now will set a precedent for the entire market in this state refuse the outrageous prices you've been waiting this long you can wait longer if we stand together we can get legalized marijuana at reasonable rates

  10. I have been very patient waited all year long spent hundreds of dollars and not been able to go fill my prescription now the state of Missouri is wanting to me to renew my license which I am required to go pay for another doctor's note and then pay another $25 to the state hell that's an ounce and a quarter off the street I can buy that Mexican dirt weed for $80 an ounce when you talk about supply and demand driving prices up I don't I just don't see it working there's plenty of it to be had already as I've said before I was very excited to not have to break the law to get the medicine that I need and I'm more than willing to continue to pay but not to pay outrageous prices let's get realistic guys if we all band together and refuse to pay these ridiculous prices they will have no choice but to sell to us at the reasonable rates

  11. I'm just going to be completely honest here in all the years I have used marijuana I have never had a problem finding it I have never paid more than 180$ per ounce for flowers green fluffy and kick ass perfectly clear

  12. I am wondering about what the laws are about possession in the state of missouri with a medical card. What happens if I get pulled over and I'm in someone elses car with my medicine?? Or even my own? I cannot find a good site to read about this.

  13. I’m SUPER EXCITED guys! I’m here for the long haul. It’s an amazing journey! I think it’s awesome that you guys are willing to tackle getting medicine out here for us. I understand the supply & demand issues that drive a market. It’s the same thing as the difference between $4.00 per gallon gas prices and $1.80 per gallon gas prices. WELL DONE GUYS! I’m extremely impressed with your solid business practices. You’re pioneering a market! There’s gonna be bumps in the road. And anyone who thinks otherwise is definitely not paying attention to the officials in charge of all of this. You guys and your team…I’m IMPRESSED. Seriously guys, the bureaucratic process SUCKS. But I’m still just so happy to see that you guys are in it for the long haul. AND THE CLASSES ARE WORTH IT JUST TO MEET THE TEAM AND SEE THE FACILITY! ITS AWESOME! ❤️❤️❤️

  14. Glad I havent wasted my yearly fee to the state. Here we are 2 yrs in and still no dispensaries open…yet the state has collected the revenue for quite some time now.🤔

  15. We are here to help you help those whom need the medicine. Please know that there are people whom need this medicine. It is like their life line. Know that you hold the cards for them. Please be kind and know that God is watching. The pricing needs to be fair. This is not only a life saving measure for some folks in their journey through life but also a persons reward in payment for their knowledge and hard work and efforts too! Thank you for providing us information. Why is this not on the news? This is an industry that has shown to be booming with incredible benefits of multiples, just a few; the counties, states and most importantly whom are medically in need of it! Stay safe and healthy!

  16. I am grateful for the transparency guys. If there is anything we the customers can do to help speed up the process. We are here to help. I have been holding off on growing my own. Partially due to space at home. But also because I had hoped Missouri was going to do a better job than other states getting the ball rolling. I do not currently have a street vendor. Most still do not trust the “look the other way” or “don’t ask , don’t tell” policy the authorities are suppose to be taking. I am thinking of starting a FB community for locals in the 417 to come together. Share recipes and knowledge.

  17. I’m glad you guys are trying. I am really excited to see your store. I’m sure you are ready to start putting money in the bank as well. The frustration for me is the money so many of us have shoveled out to get our cards (just so we can buy the product) with nothing to show for it. I was really hoping I wouldn’t have to get a temporary Oklahoma card but that is going to have to be the next step since we are all in limbo. Sounds like it it going to be cheaper to buy in Oklahoma even when an opening happens. Fingers crossed it’s before the end of the year. If a testing facility is ready to be inspected, who can we start writing letters to expressing the urgency in getting this crap done??

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