Does the Certo Method work for drug tests? (kinda). These are some stoner tips to passing a marijuana piss drug test and achieve a natural THC detox.


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  2. Yoo I normally don't smoke on a regular but I did smoke a pretty fat blunt a week ago with a friend an I got to take a drug test this Monday an I tested my self an its positive could I get it out my system in abt 2 days in the last month I've smoked 2 blunts at the most could I get it out my system before the test

  3. So I was clean for 5 months n this past wkend I smoked a few joints with a couple friends I have a drug test next Wednesday… a wk from today! Can I pass it using the apple cider vinegar, drinking a bunch of water n fasting only eating once a day or so n it being healthy? Also… is it safe to fast day of drug test?

  4. I need help! 😩 I’m a female, i weigh 90 pounds and ate 14 batch of edibles (3.5 grams in total) one a day for 14 days. I’ve been 45 days clean and have a drug test coming up for a job should I detox??

  5. ok so i have a physical examination next week. i only started using a pen a month ago. theres been some weeks where i do it once a day but i dont hit it a lot. im 21 yrs old, about 115 pounds. AM I SCREWED OR NOT

  6. I have been a Heavy smoker for the past 4 years and i have a Drug test coming up soon. How long Would it take for me to natural detox
    Im 5’9 and 70kg. Im stressing please help

  7. I’ve been smoking like every weekend for the past month but I just recently stopped 2 days ago. I also workout alot and drink a gallon of water a day. How long do you think I have before I piss clean? TIA

  8. I’ve been smoking everyday out of a water bottle bong for a week and a 3 weeks ago for a week I’m 120 and 6’1 I’ve been drinking hella water and working out n sweating I drunk a lil detox drink for a day it didn’t really work but I’ve been doing that today and 2 days ago I have a drug test tmr will I be good?

  9. The last time i smoked weed was on July 22 and I only smoked .8 of weed. How long would the weed stay in my system? I am not a daily smoker I only smoke weed like every other 2-3 months .

  10. I need help fast ASF. I have a dab pen and i been smoking it everyday, one cart last a week and im going to MEPS in 3 days how long does that stay i been working out, drinking craneberry juice, and detox

  11. If you do all these steps how quickly will you get thc out of your system? I smoke like 1-2 times a week taking a couple hits out the bowl, and I'm 5'5, 130 Ibs and BMI 21.6. I have a drug test coming up in August, do you think I'll be able to get it out my system by then???

  12. 3 weeks ago I smoked about 4 days of the week then 10 days later i smoked 1 time then 1 week after that I smoked again I got a drug test in 4 days but I know I’ll be chillin bc certo always always works

  13. If you know a few days ahead of time. Avoid high fats foods, eat natural foods salads etc.., mild exercise, drink lots and lots of water. I would also drink some green tea..
    Day of test no food, drink a gallon of water. For many this has worked for years, for some it did not work.. Based on what i have seen over many years i would try this if i had to…

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