Does CBD Oil Work// Addressing the Misconceptions// An All Natural Medicinal Approach

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  1. I have had chronic hives and muscle pain for going on 4 years now. I was tested for everything, and had a skin biopsy as well. I am now on 6 different medications a day (mostly prescription-strength antihistamines or medications that also have antihistamine properties). It was concluded that I have chronic pressure induced urticaria. Pretty much I'm allergic to my sense of touch. If I sit on a hard chair, I will get hives on my legs. If I hold something heavy on my arm, I will develop hives there. When I get stressed, they just erupt all over my body. It's an autoimmune issue and something I will just have to deal with for the foreseeable future. The pain is pretty well controlled with these medications, too. If I get overly tired the pain gets very intense to the point where it's hard to walk sometimes. I've just learned to deal with it and know what triggers it so I can stay on top of the symptoms.

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