Coyote: The Mike Plant Story

Spanning the decade from Mike Plant’s arrival in professional offshore sailing in the mid 1980’s, Coyote: The Mike Plant Story follows Plant’s daring spirit as he …


  1. I worked with Mike on Airco. This film was moving and yet brought back great memories of Mike and Helen and that time in Rhode Island. Mike was the real deal ,no doubt, and after all these years my wife has an Airco jacket hanging in the closet and I have a post card he sent me from Sydney. Thank you for a wonderful movie Tom and thanks to all who worked on this. You accurately captured Mikes uniquely adventurous spirit . Good to see you Helen and, very belatedly, condolences on the loss of this memorable man.

    Mike and Theresa

  2. Saw this film at Twin Cities Film Festival and just watched it again. What an incredible story. I can’t imagine the shear thrill, anxiety, isolation, adrenaline, exhaustion, hope, and in the end despair of those who choose to circumnavigate the globe. Mike Plant was a modern day American pioneer. Well done Tom Simmons! Congrats to you, your film crew and everyone else that helped. I can’t wait to hear the reaction of others, particularly my children, extended family, and friends along both USA coasts.

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