1. So the this is a science fiction movie, and there's an alien in it? I've never seen a movie like that before. Lol. Seriously, the movie looks good, and I can't wait to watch it.

  2. this was amazing; i am a fan of Lovecraft's stories and this was an amazing adaptation.
    This movie kept me on the edge of my seat, i want to e selfish and ask for more Lovecraft movies made with this quality. maybe some of the more Noir stories like the shadow over innsmouth. but damn this is an amazing movie.

  3. wtf I rented to watch this in HD. on chrome I can only select up to 480p. and when I try on Microsoft edge I can only choose up to 720p, but 720p wont load. its not my internet. I steam 4k content fine

  4. Welp Benny’s room said it all.. “No flesh shall be spared”
    This movie disturbed my stomach… The kissing scene and the doll being fused to his mom.. I’m just glad I didn’t buy it. I can watch The Thing but not this🙅🏾‍♀️

  5. Well do you know whats even stranger than this movie and the show stranger things? Is the fact that i remember this life in my past life..i lived this life the same EXACT way from the things iv said to the things iv done. Not one single solitary thing is different and i tell ya what it is absolutely freaky and i think i even wrote this same message in my last life talking about my last life. Iv lived this life so many times it is disgusting

  6. "I know you don't like horror movies but you will like this one" they said. "Its cosmic horror, the best kind of horror" they said. "It has 86% on rotten tomatoes" they said.

  7. I just got done with the audiobook of this. I hope they didn’t butcher Lovecraft’s masterpiece. I have to say that nick cage is probably the best actor to play one of his characters!! How was it? If anybody is interested channel MSA21 has the audio with illustrations of the mountains of madness…fucking amazing!!!

  8. I wouldn't give this movie a wipe of my ass-
    was that?
    Nicholas Cage you say?
    And Tommy Chong?!
    Alright I'm in, so long as we can agree that there is only a limited spectrum of color the human eye can perceive, so a color we cannot describe is physically impossible, as we don't have any concept of a color that we cannot describe.
    That and Lovecraft was a talentless, racist hack.

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