Cannabis Growing Basics- Organic Soil

This documentary may depict the cultivation of legal medical Cannabis in the state of California. Caligreen channel insist that you do not attempt to recreate any …


  1. I am not native to the Western countries and live in asia where most of the soil products companies i see in most of the growers videos aren't available in my country. Your channel is the only one which i love watching because you break all the fancy wordings in to the basics of what soil is and the entire process of how organic waste is broken down into simpler bi product ls that can then be consumed by plants etc .. this makes me really understand the basics so that i can use whatever materials are available at my place to get the same results as some of the professional growers.

    Keep up the good work brother .. really appreciate it .. 🤟

  2. I have some clones I received some of the leaves yellow and brown I have some stern’s miracid 30-10-10 water soluble soil acidifier and plant food will that help my clones or harm them

  3. " Peat moss is non-renewable" yeah in some european countries and places where it is unsustainable…but in canada where 70% of all peat moss comes from, it is a very different story…
    Coco coir is also sustainable only as far as it is sustainable to grow coconuts…lol…and they wash it ALOT in chemicals.
    Let's be real.

  4. I just moved to California and these videos are legit the best, I follow everything he says, I take fucking notes dude. Thank you for all the videos your making, they're great !

  5. I grew some tomatoes in a perfectly balanced mix of all the times you stated. It cost me a couple hundred bucks to source all that crap in bulk. I took a crap in my back yard and planted a seed in both the soil mix and my freshly laid dump. Well guess what the tomato growing in the shit pile grew just as fast as the expensive one. It's as if this craps not even worth it cause after pissing on both a couple times they really took off!

  6. Love your channel man. As a soon-to-be first time grower, I feel like I'm gonna kill it on my first attempt after watching a lot of your videos and learning from your wisdom. And I mean this in the most endearing way possible, but hearing your voice makes me imagine you as Badger from Breaking Bad lol

  7. brilliant video 🙂

    you make it really easy to follow the information, i am going to start a worm farm…you just gotta love them castings!!!

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