An In-depth Look at Instant Pot Sealing Ring

This video explains the use and maintenance of the Sealing Ring on Instant Pot IP-LUX/IP-CSG/IP-DUO series. More details and videos are at …


  1. That was really helpful. I was not putting the ribber silicone seal in properly.
    When you added that it needed to 'spin' and mine wasn't, I realized that the track needed to be inside borh ends in the middle. Thank you!

  2. I made a roast and the sealing ring held the odor so bad! Did multiple soaks with dawn soap could not get the smell out until i soaked it with baking soda.

  3. Last night I cooked corned beef and cabbage, 1st time using a Instant a brand new Pot Duo Nova, then cleaned/scrubbed/soaked all the rubber parts in Dawn/hot water. That took a lot of the smell out, but still smelled. So, the next day I noticed a video and tried what they suggested. Still smells like corned beef and cabbage. I did change up your recipe a little. I did 2 cups of white vinegar and one whole lemon sliced up then did the steam thing for 3 minutes with the natural steam release. Still smells. Help!!!

  4. Is it necessary to keep the sealing ring in the lid if I am going to make yogurt in my duo nova instant pot? My sister's say the sealing ring is not needed when making yogurt. Please
    let me know if this true

  5. I have mine properly in the track but it's so loose that it flops out whenever I put the lid down onto the pot. I have trouble closing the lid because I think the ring is off the track and getting in the way. My pot let's too much steam escape and ruins my meals. I dont know what I can do to fix the issue

  6. Thanks you for your excellent video! I'm just setting up my first IP, and I hit a moment of panic at this stage of the setup. Your video was exactly what I needed.

  7. 🤔Thanks for answering my question! Didn't know whether the top or bottom of the sealing ring was equal. Oh, and thanks for a great presentation while getting to the point quickly.👏🤗

  8. thank you! I had to take it off to clean it and I couldn't figure out whether it had to go back on a certain way or not and then I realized I just didn't have it under the ring good enough. And now my oatmeal is ready. I have subscribed to this channel because I love my instant pot. Thank you

  9. I have instantpot for about 4 years and a week ago.. the sealing ring turn to "brownies" , it isnt dirty, the sealing ring color turns to brown … should I replace it? … my instantpot looks like on your video, the model … it doesnt work properly ( always hissss) since about 2 weeks ago .. I use it a lot , almost everyday

  10. We've been using our instant pot for just a few months and LOVED it, it worked GREAT — but it suddenly no longer comes to pressure. Nothing appears to be wrong with the sealing ring – no leaks or cracks. Any other ideas what could be wrong with it?

  11. Hi, did you run the water test on it. If not try that and see if it comes to pressure. Also thickening agents also hinder it pressurizing. I finally figured out that was my problem. I hope this bit of info helps.

  12. Thanks for the video.

    My sealing ring won't slide inside the track once it's properly installed though, but my IP (Duo7in1) is fairly new and maybe that makes a difference.

    It also wasn't as easy to get out or in as yours. Was yours warm perhaps rather than room temp, especially because I noticed yours appears floppier and more supple than mine? Or does that happen as it gets older too?

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