1. Weed will make you focused on one or more things, but oblivious to other things at the same time, sometimes making your idea not always so bright. Sometimes yes it helps, but sometimes no. Also bong rips fuck me up the best out of a pipe, joint, ( don't smoke blunts allergic to tobacco ) but I have vaped, to me the bong works great , less hits to get fucked up ways less than a joint or pipe from my experience. Okay in the end agree with the other parts especially what he said in the end. I've seen too many people get their pets high, not cool at all but completely fucked up.

  2. Hi, I have been looking all over the internet for and answer, Hopefully u can help. I noticed my cat likes to eat a little bit of raw cannabis leaves off my plants. Will this maker her sick? Please help. ty

  3. The claim you lose Thc from smoking from bongs is facing controversy. Although you do lose some, it is debated on how much. Although it is probably not a lot.

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