2x2Grow Tent Making a Monster sized Harvest with the TS1000 Day70/Day14 Flower, the Buds have begun

its now day 14 flower there are buds everywhere and the frost is starting to set in links for the Mars Hydro TS1000 US: CA: …


  1. I have a 60x60x140 tent, is the ts1000 to much from seed to flower? I will definitely buy one today based on your opionion. Or perhaps the ts600 is better for this size tent? I live in uk and WINTER IS COMING!

    Love your content man

  2. Hey dude! First thing my compliments for your works! Really talented home grower!
    I recently buyed 2 tebts, one is a mars hydro 70cmx70cmx160,filled with 1 ts1000 and 1 ts600, eventually i have a second ts600 for flowering. Btw as the tent has big fan holes only on the top, i can induce fresh air only from the top of the tent, as the lower hole is more a kind of wire hole as it is under 10cm i think! In summer i was struggling with high Temps, hopefully now it is better. As i have a secret jardin cutting kit i could cut another hole to provide fresh air fron the bottom. What do you think it is worth the risk of ruining tent? How did you managed air intake? Tia

  3. I ditched the little dehumidifier in the tent and went with a 50 pint per day dehumidifier in my apartment. Now my tent gets down to 35-38%RH (82 – 84 degrees) when the lights are on. It still gets up to 48% RH (70 degrees) when the lights are off, but it was getting up to 70% when the lights are off if I was using the mini dehumidifier. I set my big dehumidifier to 50% and I need to empty it two or three times per day. I just exhaust the air in the tent too fast for a little dehumidifier to make a difference. I needed to dehumidify the air going into the tent, which means dehumidifying the room containing the tent.

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